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NASA Cassini spacecraft captures Earth as a bright dot between Saturn’s Rings

A new photo released by NASA shows planet earth as a tiny bright dot between Saturn icy rings. A zoomed-in version of the photo also shows Earth-Moon to the left of the planet. The agency’s Cassini spacecraft captured the images on April 12, at...

Earth-like planet GJ 1132b discovered by Chile Astronomers 39 Light Years away

About 39 light years away from the Earth, stands a planet that has been found to have a lot of similarities with our home planet. The GJ1132b has similar size and mass to that of the Earth, and recently it has been discovered that...

The map of Earth will look like this 250 million years from now!

The Earth did not look like it is today, some few millions years ago and it will not look same some million years from now. How will the Earth look like some 250 million years from now? Simulations using computers say that a new...

Scientists locate the source of strange radio waves hitting Earth

radio waves earth
Humanity has always been enamored by the thought of finding other intelligent beings and civilization. Radio telescopes have been straining their ears to hear that first alien signal which will answer the question –Are we alone in this universe? A strange burst of the...

New theory suggests moon formation from number of moonlets

moon formation
The Moon is the only natural satellite of the earth. Its origin always has puzzled scientists, and there are many theories about its formation. The most common and widely held theory is that a large body, the size of Mars must have impacted the...

Giant asteroid zoomed dangerously close to Earth

asteroid Earth
An asteroid which was as big as 10 African elephants whizzed past the Earth at half the distance of the Earth from the Moon, while the major part of the world was blissfully unaware of how close to apocalypse humanity was. If the asteroid...

Earth’s moon may have formed from number of moonlets, suggests scientists

"Moon may have formed from a number of moonlets: Report"
The Moon is the only natural satellite of the earth. Its origin always has puzzled scientists, and there are many theories about its formation. The most common and widely held theory is that a large body, the size of Mars must have impacted the...

Researchers discover molten iron jet stream in Earth’s core for the first time

earth core
A jet stream has been observed in the Earth’s core and a small band of molten iron moving at an ever increasing speed in the northern hemisphere. It is for the first time a clear picture of the jet has been revealed, and it...

Scientists reveal world’s biggest diamond hold secrets of deeper Earth

biggest diamond earth
Diamonds as the adage goes are forever, seeped in mystery and deceit. The study of world’s biggest and most famous diamond provides a fresh new insight into the Earth’s mantle and the turbulent geological history of our planet. Researchers have discovered that the largest and...

Study shows roads distribute Earth surface into 600000 fragments

The world has become much smaller due to better communication and transportation infrastructure. Roads crisscross across the globe in a dense network. However, this comes at a high price and severely the ecology of the planet. The surface of the Earth is now splintered...

Scientists detect crack in Earth’s magnetic field, here is how it will affect you

earth crack
A breach in the protective magnetic shield of the earth has been observed by the largest and the most sensitive cosmic ray monitor in the world, the GRAPES -3 muon telescope located in Ooty. The telescope detected a burst of the galactic cosmic radiation,...

Ancient Earth had multiple magnetic poles one billion years ago, reveals Study

We know that our planet has two poles, and the magnetic field between the poles protect us from cosmic rays and solar winds. However, a recent study has revealed that there was a period in the planet's history when it had multiple poles, and...

Oceans in Europa might have Earth-like properties : NASA

Time & Again, Jupiter’s moon Europa has exhibited Earth-like ‘life favouring’ properties. It is almost a little difficult to find a place that shares so many similarities with our planet. A subsurface ocean covers its surface and a thick crust of ice is protecting it...

French researchers source comets to natural particles that made Earth habitable

According to findings of a new study published in the Science Journal, one of the building pieces of genetic material in living beings may have framed in cometary frosts. The researchers propose that comets could be source of the natural particles that made life...

China successfully launches SJ-10, a retrievable scientific research satellite (+Video)

SJ-10 Satellite
In combined efforts, China and Europe have set up mission that attempts to help geologists find more oil on earth. The duo will be launching crude oil into space through an experiment that will measure how oil molecules move under intense pressure. The scientists will...

NISAR: NASA-ISRO to launch satellite to study earthquakes and climate change

Indian Space and Research Organization (ISRO) and its U.S. equivalent, NASA, have come together to develop a satellite that will be dedicated to the study of climate change with a special focus on earthquakes and their patterns. The climate change satellite program marks the first...

New study shows human activities turning Earth into a ‘plastic planet’

Earth also known as plastic planet
A new study says hundreds of years after the human race have become extinct; the plastic garbage will still prevail creating a geological stratum. The ocean-floor is already covered with long-lived plastics, and more are being rolled out. The scientists suggest that instead of...

NASA formalised Planetary Defense Coordination Office (PDCO) to find and track Near-Earth objects

NASA NeoShield program
The European Union sponsored a program called NEOShield, which is developing methods of using nuclear weapons to deflect rogue asteroids that will one day cross the path of Earth and lead to a cataclysmic collision, wiping out life from the planet, much akin to...

Earth Crust heat loss mystery finally solved by scientists

For long scientists have been baffled by the difference between the theoretical rate at which the Earth’s crust is cooling at seafloor spreading ridges, and the measured readings. However, the mystery will soon be resolved with the discovery of a new type of hydrothermal...

Global warming might affect Oxygen level to cause mass mortality on Earth, says research

Global Warming could cause fall in oxygen
A terrifying new research has discovered that global warming could stop the tiny phytoplankton from carrying out the process of photosynthesis that will result in a fall in oxygen levels necessary to sustain life on planet Earth. NASA is even keeping an eye on the...

NASA Cassini’s CIRS camera captures unusual ice cloud covering Saturn’s moon, Titan

ice cloud on Titan
WASHINGTON, D.C: NASA’s Cassini mission has captured images that show a massive cloud covering the south pole of Titan, which is the largest of the moons that orbit planet Saturn. According to NASA, the rare ice cloud covering on Titan hovers at an altitude...

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