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Latest Android and iOS games to download and play

There are millions of games available to download and play already on Android and iOS. And a lot keeps coming every other day, now the biggest issue is to find the games that are worth playing! I always keepĀ an eye on best Android game...

Play Best Online Multiplayer .IO Games on Poki.com

Gaming segment is fast evolving with a wide range of games. Moreover, the online gaming portals are coming in large numbers. In this article, we will examine Poki.com, which is an emerging game publisher. Poki is a cross-gadget game publishing portal with more than 30...

Ginger Roll: 3D Arcade Platformer Game for Android & iOS Review

IRF media has released a new adventure game, Ginger Roll: 3D Platformer recently on Google Play store and App store. It's a motion sensing platformer featuring a little Saif trapped in a ball rolling around countless levels dodging through various obstacles, platforms and enemies....

Best free gaming apps to download on iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

gaming apps for iphone 7
Did you get new iPhone 7 or 7 Plus? We got some new games for your iPhone 7 and 7 Plus to make use of the new A10 Fusion chip and new console grade GPU to the fullest. Keeping the fact in mind that...

Best free Arcade games for Android, iOS, and Windows

Smartphones are getting more and more powerful with octa-core processors, huge RAM, and large storage capacity. This hardware is capable of running high-end games like Shadow Gun, Need For Speed: No Limits and even Call of Duty but these games can never beat those...

Top Five Classic Android Arcade Games for Android Devices

The Google Play store is chock-full of outstanding games. Some are longer affairs like RPGs while others scratch any racing itch you could have. Shooting games have become quite popular on mobile devices, with first-person shooters and especially shoot-em-ups gaining traction. Over the years, console...

These are some of the popular sports gaming apps that you can enjoy

sports gaming apps
You need to engage in some activity during your leisure time. The Google Play Store is flooded with plenty of games app for various sports. The majority of the games can be played using any budget smartphone available on the market. In this article,...

Flipkart Republic Day Sale: Best Deals and Discounts on Televisions, Gaming Consoles and Home Appliances

Best Deals and Discounts on Televisions, Gaming Consoles
Nowadays, people have started to purchase large appliances such as Televisions and Washing Machines through online. Flipkart has rightly realized the new trend and begun to keep stock of a wide range of products sourced from sellers all over India. In this article, we will...

TrainCrasher – Anime and Beat-em-Ups Fuse Together Game for Android & iOS Review

The mobile market has been a haven for gaming. From classic-style JRPGs from Kemco, to Square-Enix re-releasing a slew of legendary games - there's no shortage of content. RPG, racing, and shooting fans have been well-served for quite some time, but beat-em-up fans have...

Best Action Games for Android tablets and smartphones on Google Play Store

Best Action Games for Android
Action genre on the Google Play is jam packed with exciting games right from third/first person shooter games to intense fighting games. Here is a list of the top 5 action games that you should definitely play. WWE Immortals: To get a feel of what you...

Best iOS Action Games for Apple iPhone and iPad

Best Action Games for iOS
Action games are very popular in the phone gaming niche. These games are pretty involving and are designed to keep you at the edge and keep your reflexes at an all time high. Seamless graphics and console-like controls are what makes a complete gaming...

Best Gaming Mouse for power gamer in budget price segment

Top 5 Best Gaming Mouse
A good gaming mouse is an essential tool that every gamer needs. It is true that at the end of the day it is the skills of the gamer that matter the most, and if you have skills then you can probably play better...

Top ten smartphone and online Games to play in India

Playing games online is not a new thing in India, though it has begun a few years back. There are many online games in India, which is quite a platform of a contest. It is true that competition makes things better. It has gained...

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