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Global warming is already affecting nearly all life on Earth

global warming
Much of life on Earth is being replaced by the warming climate, and this notwithstanding the fact that global temperature has increased by 1 degree as compared to pre-industrial times. The latest study which was published in journal Science has revealed that 82% of...

US agency NSID reveals Arctic Sea Ice Cover touches 2nd-lowest point on record

According to the reports of U.S. National Snow and Ice Data Center in Colorado, the Arctic Sea Ice reached its the second lowest point on 10th September. It covered 1.60 million square miles whereas the lowest mark was set in September 2012, when the ice...

Earth soil can control Global Warming and Climate Change by locking Greenhouse gases: Study

soil can control global warming
A study recently published in the Journal Nature details how improved soil management could help combat the effects of global warming. According to the researchers, farm soils can store large amounts of carbon than previously thought and the ability can be harnessed to help...

World Bank announces massive funds for developing countries to fight Climate Change

World Bank Climate Action Plan
Following the Paris Climate Agreement, the World Bank has expressed interest in helping the developing countries reduce the effects of climate change. It will increase its funding capacity or renewable energy and other projects by with an additional 30 Gigawatts (GW) to the global...

NISAR: NASA-ISRO to launch satellite to study earthquakes and climate change

Indian Space and Research Organization (ISRO) and its U.S. equivalent, NASA, have come together to develop a satellite that will be dedicated to the study of climate change with a special focus on earthquakes and their patterns. The climate change satellite program marks the first...

Humanity is major culprit behind global warming and climate change shows statistics

Global warming and El Nino makes 2015 hottest year
Scientists from the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) claim global temperatures hit a record high, making 2015 the hottest year in history. The researchers argue that the extreme weather conditions such as El Nino, drought, rising sea levels and the extreme heat experienced in 2015...

2015 will be recalled as a watershed year for climate change: Experts

climate change
The Paris Climate has been hailed as a landmark agreement. However, it can be safely said that it has not saved the planet yet, but it has saved a chance to save the world from the apocalypse. It needs to be seen if the...

Global warming killed 20% Phytoplankton and fishes in Indian ocean, fishermen in misery

Rapid warming of Indian Ocean
Sri Lankan fishermen have been catching fish for the last four decades from the popular harbor on Sri Lanka's west coast, Negombo. In the past five years, the catch has been dwindling posing a livelihood crisis. Fisherman complains that they are spending out more...

Glaciers in Mount Everest at high risk, shrunk by 28% in last 40 years

Mount Everest
As per a Chinese research, Mount Everest is getting hotter with surrounding glaciers shrinking significantly. The latter has resulted in bigger glacial lakes as well as rivers downstream. The report was authored by Mount Qomolangma Snow Leopard Conservation Centre and Hunan University of Science...

India to diminish greenhouse gas emission up to 35% by 2030, says Javadekar in LS

India to reduce greenhouse gas
India is committed to cutting down emission of greenhouse gases by up to 35% by 2030. Central Minister of State for Environment, Forest and Climate Change - Prakash Javadekar announced this news on Wednesday in the Lok Sabha. Replying to a question by Rajan Vichare...

Global warming might affect Oxygen level to cause mass mortality on Earth, says research

Global Warming could cause fall in oxygen
A terrifying new research has discovered that global warming could stop the tiny phytoplankton from carrying out the process of photosynthesis that will result in a fall in oxygen levels necessary to sustain life on planet Earth. NASA is even keeping an eye on the...

690 million children at risk from climate change and global warming, says UNICEF

children at risk from climate change and global warming
The World Climate Conference, which is scheduled to take place in Paris, has acquired a greater urgency to chalk out some drastic measure to deal with global warming. The UN has reported that hundreds of millions of children will be exposed to the impacts...

Ocean Warming blamed for low-oxygen dead zones in North Pacific

Ocean Warming
There was a long-standing debate about the cause of the expansion of ‘Oxygen Minimum Zones’ also known as ‘Dead Zones’ in the oceans. A recent study has linked the Dead Zones in North Pacific to past ocean warming. The study revealed a link between...

Deep-sea bacteria could neutralize greenhouse gases using sequestration proces

Deep-sea bacteria
The bacterium, which is being researched by University of Florida researchers could be the answer to Global Warming. The bacterium that lives near hydrothermal vents and produces enzymes can survive at high temperatures. It resides at the bottom of the oceans and is used...

Nepal can face drought-like condition due to global warming and climate change in next decade

global warming and climate change in Nepal
An international team of researchers has identified 41 tipping points on the planet, which can cause cataclysmic conditions. Nepal is one such tipping point, and the nation will face the brunt of the effects of global warming and climate change. Nepal could be standing on...

Dalai Lama asks world to protect ‘Blue Planet’ from global warming and climate change

Dalai Lama asks world to protect 'Blue Planet'
The Tibetan plateau that has third largest store of ice and is the source of water for six great rivers in Asia is highly vulnerable to climate change and global warming. Studies have warned that two-thirds of the glaciers will disappear by 2050. In a...

Scientists reveal 41 global warming tipping points that can trigger natural disaster

Global Warming
A group of scientists from different nations have identified the potential tipping points where sudden weather changes caused by global warming can precipitate a natural disaster. The latest update from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says that El Nino is getting stronger...

UNEP ranks beef as climate-harmful meat, releases toxic gases into atmosphere

beef climate harmful meat
Currently, saving the earth is all about having sustainable consumption. Unfortunately, meat production is a very energy-intensive effort. As per the United Nations (UN), meat consumers in general and especially beef consumers post the most danger to the global environment. There is a strong...

Scientists invented Micro-photosynthesis cell technology to produce green energy

A Micro-photosynthetic cell technology has been invented recently by the team of researchers at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. The main concept lies is trapping the electrons released by blue-green algae and photosynthesis. This fresh invention no doubt will enable inexpensive ways of producing energy...

New research claims sea level rise poses no threat for Sundarban Islands

Sundarban islands
A new scientific research claims that the Sundarbans Delta is not under immediate threat from the rising sea level caused by global warming. The research contradicts previous studies carried out earlier that state the opposite. The research offers good news and hopes especially for the...

Change in climate and sea levels causes decline in number of crocodiles

climate change crocodiles decline
A new study has revealed the reasons as to why the number of crocodylian species has continued to decline over the years. The reason is none other than the fluctuating sea levels and global cooling. The existing crocodylians that are estimated to have appeared...

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