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Google tipped to unveil Android and Chrome hybrid OS at October 4 Pixel launch event

google Chrome OS
Google will most likely merge Android and Chrome OS into one single platform and it will unveil it at its Pixel launch event on October 4. The proposed merging of Android and Chrome OS software has been talked before. However, Google has to find...

Google Chrome officially killing Flash from next month for HTML5

google chrome flash
The epitaph of Flash is soon going to be written. It was something which was long predicted, and the final dates were being awaited. Once the backbone of internet entertainment, Flash had outlived its utility and will completely disappear in the next two years....

Opera Browser power saving mode extends battery life by 50 percent

Most of the Laptop users face the problem of running out of battery at the wrong moment . It is the most frustrating thing that can happen to you while browsing, and you can’t do anything, maybe you forgot your charger at home or...

Asus Chromebit CS10 Review: Take Google Chrome OS anywhere!

Over the years, the size of a computing device has shrunk from a large box taking almost half the area of a desk to a small box. Google and Asus planned to take it one step forward with the introduction of the Chromebit, the...

Shocking! This Google Chrome extension was stealing Bitcoin from users!

A Google Chrome extension, BitcoinWisdom Ads Remover was found to be stealing Bitcoin from users while performing fund transfer. Spotted by a Slovenia-based Bitcoin exchange portal Bitstamp, the extension reportedly contained malicious code that could automatically redirect payments to its Bitcoin address, instead of the real address used for making...

Best Web Browser for Windows PC, Android, iOS Mobile Phones and Tablets

Best Web Browser
The web browser is probably the application you'll use by far the most on your computer. Between accessing Facebook and Googling everything under the sun, most of your time will indeed be spent in your web browser. Therefore, it's important to pick a browser that...

Now Google will keep you safe when you browse the web on Android smartphones

browse the web on Android smartphones
Hackers, phishers and cyber criminals can be a huge cause of concern for Android surfers who don’t want to fall prey to malware and viruses from dangerous websites. To make things easier for such unsuspecting victims, Google has come up with a unique solution...

Google to enhance scrolling problems in Google Chrome browser with Microsoft’s Pointer Event

Google to enhance scrolling problems in Google Chrome browser with Microsoft’s Pointer Event
The search engine giant – Google has announced its decision to adopt a standard technology to enhance the scrolling problems that would allow both mouse and touch navigation at the same time for its Google Chrome Web browser. It has been also reported that...

Be careful! Your web browsers are susceptible to attacks

Be careful! If you are using any of the following popular web browsers, like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Thunderbird, Sea Monkey for internet surfing, then please make sure that you have installed latest versions. According to the premier Indian cyber security agency, CERT-IN - the...

Reset Google Chrome Browser Settings to Default

Luckily, Google Chrome has offered a simple solution to reset the Chrome browser settings to default. Earlier, Earlier, the process was a bit complex for the user had to 'Rename' the default folder which had all the Google extensions, Bookmarks, History, Jumplist icons and more....

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