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Monday, May 29, 2017

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IBM patents Google Glass-like eyewear with new night vision technology

Google Glass
IBM has patented an eye-gear that is said to have red-eyed night vision. Although this does not promise a true night vision, the device as described in the patent can improve sight under low light by making the brain focus on high-contrast imagery. The Google...

Samsung patents smart contact lenses armed with a built-in camera, sensors

smart contact lenses
Samsung’s dream of creating smart contact lenses capable of capturing images and shooting videos has just drawn closer. The company has been granted the South Korean patent for smart contact lenses with an in-built camera. There is no guarantee that Samsung’s smart contact lenses coupled...

Google Glass, Microsoft HoloLens, Oculus & HTC Vive: Virtual Reality Demystified!

A few years ago, the Virtual Reality market was more a science fiction aspect and less on a consumer segment. After three years of prototypes, testing and closed developer kits we are finally there - a consumer release. Folks accustomed to the news and...

Google X research labs hires Apple engineer to focus on Battery research to fuel future devices

A team of Google engineers are working on the next generation of batteries to power its devices. Google is entering in Consumer Electronics business with self-driven cars, smart watches, Google Glass and other medical devices. As they are researching on and preparing to launch...

Google to stop sales of Glass from Monday, shuts down Explorer program

Google is withdrawing Google Glass from sale in the markets, with a promise of introducing an upgrade by the end of the year. Critics see a high hint of controversy in the statement. On the one hand, Google is claiming that the Glass is...

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