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Thursday, May 25, 2017

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Google ‘health cards’ to offer disease, medical information in collaboration with Apollo Hospitals

Google Health Cards
Google has partnered with Columbia Asia Hospitals and Apollo Hospitals to increase access to basic healthcare information for Indians. It is a similar move Google made in the U.S. last year when it partnered with Mayo Clinic to add healthcare information to its famous...

Save Your Blood app to digitally empower blood donation procedure in India

blood donation app
Shortage of blood available for transfusion when a need arises has been a serious problem that gives many in the healthcare sector sleepless nights. But a solution appears to be on the way. J Walter Thomson (JWT) has created an app called Save Your...

Heavy Internet use may lead to high blood pressure in teens says research

We already know the pitfalls of internet addiction in teens. According to research, teens spending long hours on the web risk suffering from high blood pressure and obesity. The research also revealed that 43% of heavy internet users had high blood pressure. Another study said...

New smartphone app developed to simplify food safety inspection process

food safety inspection app
Washington: A new smartphone app is out now, which would simply the food safety data collection method and replace the old conventional method of food safety observation done at the supermarkets and restaurant by food inspectors. The activities followed by food managers are often...

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