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New study shows human activities turning Earth into a ‘plastic planet’

Earth also known as plastic planet
A new study says hundreds of years after the human race have become extinct; the plastic garbage will still prevail creating a geological stratum. The ocean-floor is already covered with long-lived plastics, and more are being rolled out. The scientists suggest that instead of...

91% of world’s migratory birds facing difficulties due to habitat loss, says researchers

world's migratory bird facing difficulties
World’s migratory birds are increasingly facing difficulties due to destroyed habitats and researchers are tracking these migratory birds, some 1,451 species to check if they are flying through protected areas or destroyed habitats. Migrating birds are incredible, and travel thousands of kilometres in a single...

Researchers find human body evolved through four stages of evolution

human evolution
The man has evolved through four major stages of body's size and shape change. It is the conclusion reached by scientists after a careful evaluation of paleontological evidence of fossils of the Sima de los Huesos in Spain’s Sierra de Atapuerca. The fossils are...

Research answers why only Humans have chins

University of Iowa researchers have carried an advanced facial and cranial biomechanical analysis on nearly 40 people and the conclusion was that the emergence of chin in modern humans arose from simple geometry. Have you ever asked yourself why human beings have chins and how...

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