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IoT will chisel off 1 lakh jobs in blue collar segment; bring in 25000 jobs in skilled sector

A report by consulting firm Zinnov says that the Internet of Things earns around $10 billion. The biggest attraction of IoT is that it reduces manpower and saves money for any organization. However, the downside is that it also cuts jobs and by 2021...

Internet of Things India: Nasscom opens first IoT centre in Bengaluru

India’s first Internet of Things (IoT) center has been launched with the joint collaboration of National Association of Software and Service Company (NASSCOM), Education and Research Network (ERNET) and Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DEITY). Situated in Bangalore, the center aims to enable speedy...

Internet of Things will create $2 trillion benefit by 2020: Ravi Shankar Prasad

Regarded as the biggest technological transformation awaiting its burst, the Internet of Things (IoT) is set to embark us upon what could be the second major digital revolution. The expectations are so high that Gartner Analysts have predicted that there will be 25 billion...

Knocki is a tiny device that turns any surface into Smart Surface

Can you have the world at your feet with the clap of your hand? Well, we had the Clapper Internet of Things (IoT) device. However now we can have the world at our bidding with a knock. Introducing “The Knocki”, a device which makes...

Best IoT devices for connected homes from Lutron Electronics

Lutron Electronics, one of the leading players in energy-saving, wireless lighting, and shade control solutions, has entered the Internet of Things (IoT) platform with the launch of new products. The product offerings by the Coopersburg-based company include Serena Remote Controlled Shades, Lutron HomeWorks QS, and...

Cellular Data usage and IoT devices on the rise among youngsters, says Ericsson Mobility report

According to the Ericsson Mobility Report, teenagers are the largest consumers of mobile or Wi-Fi data, and they use it mostly for video streaming. The usage of cellular data among them is increased by 127% over the course of 15 months in 2014-15. A recent...

World’s fastest stretchable, wearable circuits to power Internet of Things, says researchers

According to reports, scientists have managed to create the world's fastest stretchable and wearable integrated circuits to empower Internet of Things (IoT). Capable of driving the future of IoT, the new technology is expected to establish high-speed wireless connectivity and will create a new...

Smart Cars, VR, IoT, TV, Wearables, Drones and Hoverboards: Welcome to CES 2016!

CES 2016 Pc-Tablet Media
The Consumer Electronics Show is the year’s biggest electronics and technology conference held in Las Vegas. Though it’s glitter has faded through the years, it is witness to a lot of futuristic technologies and straight-out-of-science-fiction moonshots. Though many products showcased at CES are never able...

Tata Communications building world’s biggest and India’s first Internet of Things (IoT) network

Tata Communications
Tata Communications is building country's first Internet of Things (IoT) Network. This network is supposed to connect millions of devices that work on IoT networks like smart meters, smart traffic lights, etc. through it, no matter how far they are from each other. This...

Google working on Brillo a new OS for ‘Internet of Things’

Mountain View, CA Google Inc. is working on a new Operating System codenamed ‘Brillo’ targeting Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Brillo would be extremely light-weight and will be able to work on only 64 or 32 megabytes of RAM. Google’s other ubiquitous mobile flavored...

IBM to finance $3 billion in ‘Internet of Things’ IoT Business Unit

IBM to finance $3 billion in ‘Internet of Things’ IoT Business Unit
The New York-based American multinational technology giant – IBM (International Business Machine) Corporation will finance US$3 billion over four years to establish a new business unit committed to providing “Internet of Things” IoT systems and services to enterprises. With new IoT unit, IBM is targeting...

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