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Monday, May 29, 2017

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Microsoft is now Linux Platinum member, to boost open source development

microsoft Linux
Microsoft has joined Linux foundation in a bid to boost open source in the software development segment. Announcing the development at the Connect Conference in New York, Microsoft has disclosed that the company is joining hands with Linux foundation as a platinum member. As part of being...

Microsoft brings Skype Alpha update to Linux and Chromebook

Skype for Linux has always been generations behind the one for Windows and MacOS. Currently, Linux has Skype 4.3 but Windows, on the other hand, has version 7.24. It is hard to imagine that Google’s official laptop Chromebook has an outdated version of Skype...

Jolla C smartphone with Sailfish OS sells out at $190

With few minutes of opening the sale, nearly 1000 units of the upcoming Jolla C smartphone got sold out through the developer community program. Based on the open source Linux-based Sailfish OS, the smartphone is primarily oriented for developers. Each device comes with free...

Ten Best Video Editing Software for Windows, Mac and Linux OS

Best Video Editing Software
Finding a good video editing software can be a tricky job, especially once you consider just how many different choices there are out there. Some video editing programs come into your OS, some can be obtained for free, and others will set you back...

Intel launches Cherry Trail and Core M models computer sticks, price starts at $160

Intel launches Cherry Trail and Core M models computer sticks
Intel has expanded the USB based computer sticks product range with its new Skylake based Cherry Trail and Core M processors. Compatible with both Windows and Linux operating systems, the new devices are expected to be available for sale in February 2016 starting from...

Azure Cloud Switch: Microsoft unveils Linux-based operating system for networking

Azure Cloud Switch
Microsoft Inc., under the supervision of their new CEO, Mr. Satya Nadella, announced an impending introduction of their own Linux-based operating system named ACS (Azure Cloud Switch) that debuted at OCP event during March, this year following another demo at SIGCOMM during August. As per...

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