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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

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Gooligan Android malware compromised one million Google accounts since August

Gooligan malware
A new Android malware named Gooligan strain has surfaced on the platform. As of writing this, the Gooligan strain malware is considered to be the single largest theft of Google accounts. Moreover, the malware prompts you to download software to gain access to the...

Ghost Push malware threatens almost 80 percent Android users of delayed updates

Android Malware
According to reports, nearly 80 percent of Android users are still at risk of being infected by Ghost push malware. Apple had targeted Google several times over the slower adoption rate of the latest version Android over iOS. The slow adoption rate is one...

Pokemon Go sideloaders suffer malware threat: Here’s how to deal with it

Pokemon Go
Amid all the talk going on about Pokemon Go, there has emerged one that scares the sideloaders the most. While it is unfortunate that countries like Australia and New Zealand launches are delayed because of the server load and most others don’t have it,...

Study shows users access random pen-drives on computers overlooking risk

USB Drive
An study conducted at a university campus indicates that people are willing to plug-in random or unknown USB sticks into their computing systems. The action leaves them open to threats from malware and other system infections. In the study, it was noticed that 48% of...

Bladabindi Virus is infecting Indian computers, CERT-in warns

Cyber security experts have geared up to fight against a new variant of multi-identity clandestine virus called BLADABINDI. Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-IN) have identified a new virus capable of infecting computers running Windows OS and stealing sensitive personal information for wicked purposes. In a...

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