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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

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Namotel ‘Make in India’ 22 Ct Gold Metal Body Smartphone Coming Soon!

So far, we have seen that the phones launched under the 'Make in India' initiative are decently equipped and their USP has been their price. But this is a different story altogether. With exorbitant specs and flashy pictures, Namotel is housing the ‘VVIP’ (model...

World’s cheapest 4-inch display smartphone Namotel ‘Acche Din’ announced for Rs. 99

The Indian smartphones market today witnessed the announcement of NamoTel Achhe Din, a 4-inch display smartphone that comes with a price tag of just Rs. 99 only. Touted as 'Acche Din' - the smartphone is launched by the Bengaluru-based company NamoTel. The brand promoter,...

NamoTel Achhe Din Rs. 99 is a rebranded $40 Chinese smartphone Leagoo Z1 3G

BENGALURU - The self proclaimed world's cheapest smartphone, NamoTel Achhe Din Rs. 99 smartphone launched yesterday is actually a rebranded smartphone manufactured by a Chinese company named Leagoo. The promoter, Madhava Reddy said in the launch event that the company it is the part “Make...

Bengaluru based Namotel launches Achhe Din smartphone just for Rs. 99

Namotel Achhe Din Smartphone has been launched at Rs. 99, but everyone is wondering how this is feasible. Well, here is how a smartphone as cheap as Rs. 99 is feasible. Earlier, Freedom 251 was launched at Rs. 251 by Ringing Bells , a company...

Namotel Achhe Din Rs. 99 Smartphone announced with cash-on-delivery option

A new company based out in Bengaluru has just announced a new smartphone Namotel Achhe Din for Rs. 99 only. The new phone was initially priced at Rs. 2,999 but company has just slashed its price to Rs. 99. The smartphone is now available...

NamoTel Achhe Din Rs. 99 smartphone up for bookings just like Freedom 251

NamoTel Achhe din
A Bangalore based promoter, Madhava Reddy has claimed that the Namotel Achhe Din smartphone is the cheapest the world has ever seen, and it is humbly priced at Rs. 99. Doesn’t this sound familiar! Just a few months ago, in February, Freedom 251 was promised...

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