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Google launches country-specific tailored homepages of YouTube in Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka

country-specific tailored homepages of YouTube
Google, on Tuesday, announced the launch of country-specific tailored homepages for users who access the video-sharing portal from Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka. A new customized homepage will be customized in Urdu, Nepali or Sinhalese languages and domains depending upon your location. YouTube is already...

Nepal can face drought-like condition due to global warming and climate change in next decade

global warming and climate change in Nepal
An international team of researchers has identified 41 tipping points on the planet, which can cause cataclysmic conditions. Nepal is one such tipping point, and the nation will face the brunt of the effects of global warming and climate change. Nepal could be standing on...

Facebook users raise $10 million to reach out earthquake-hit people

New Delhi – More than seven million Nepalese used the medium of Facebook to raise nearly $10 million to reach out to their 150 million quake-hit family members and friends. The shattering earthquake of last week in Nepal left many stunned, homeless and deprived. Happily...

Nepal Earthquake: Facebook responds with Safety Check for people affected in tragedy

Facebook has activated a new feature Safety Check for the people who are affected by the Nepal Earthquake on 25th April 2015. The Earthquake has been one of the most devastated natural calamities seen by the Himalayan kingdom. Two Earthquakes with their Epicenter in...

Nepal Earthquake: Airtel offers free international calls to Nepal from India for next 48 hours

Bharti Airtel has tweeted that they will be offering free of cost international calls to Nepal effective midnight for next 48 hours after a severe earthquake hits Nepal, parts of India and Pakistan. After facing a fierce criticism from all over the country for...

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