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How to use VPN mode in Opera web browser (Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS)

Opera vpn
Opera has announced that it'll be providing a free unlimited VPN (Virtual Private Network) service that's integrated with the browser. This means that you don't have to download additional extensions or files for safe and secure browsing and keep yourself anonymous. A virtual private network...

Please don’t block Ads or publishers have to block access to free content!

The online publishing industry has seen a boom in the recent times. Users today have access to a plethora of websites and blogs right from Indian like BGR, Reuters, our own PC-Tablet, and more to international tech portals like The Verge, Engadget, TechCrunch etc....

Opera Browser power saving mode extends battery life by 50 percent

Most of the Laptop users face the problem of running out of battery at the wrong moment . It is the most frustrating thing that can happen to you while browsing, and you can’t do anything, maybe you forgot your charger at home or...

Opera browser gimmicks users to feel for faster browsing by enabling native ad-blocking

Opera browser recently introduced a new native ad-blocking feature which is claimed to provide an enhanced and fast browsing experience. Even though a third party ad-blocker will do the trick, Opera has implemented a native ad-blocking mechanism to keep online ads at bay. With the...

Opera expands business with a new identity, a new Logo “O”

Washington: Opera, initiating 20 years back with just providing a browsing platform to the users, now flaunts the business expansion and announces a renovation that it has been blessed with recently. It drops “Software” from its logo and introduces “O”. It will now onwards be...

Opera Software launches Opera 30, brings sidebar extensions to the browser

Opera 30
Opera Software (OSE: OPERA) ― Who doesn't like to play with sidebar extensions in web browsers? In case you are not familiar with them, you might find them annoying at first place. But trust me; they do not mean to hurt your eyes. Till now,...

Ex-Opera CEO composes Vivaldi, a new Web browser

The world probably doesn't need another web browser right now. With Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox going head to head in both mobile and web browser competition, and Microsoft preparing a brand new browser for its upcoming major Windows release, the market probably isn't...

Idea Cellular partners with Quikr to offer Web Pass – Sponsored Data Usage Plan

IDEA Cellular
One of the largest telecom operators in India – Idea Cellular Ltd. has entered into a partnership along with Quikr, India's largest online mobile classifieds portal to offer sponsored mobile data through Sponsored Web Passes for over 137 million Indian Idea customers. Earlier, idea had...

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