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Best Web Browser for Windows PC, Android, iOS Mobile Phones and Tablets

Best Web Browser
The web browser is probably the application you'll use by far the most on your computer. Between accessing Facebook and Googling everything under the sun, most of your time will indeed be spent in your web browser. Therefore, it's important to pick a browser that...

Best Data Recovery Software for Windows 10 / 8 / 7 Desktop and Laptop

Best Data Recovery Software for Windows
It can be a real drag when your PC crashes, and you think you’ve lost all your precious data. The same is true if your hard drive becomes corrupt and suddenly you can’t access your files. Luckily, there are a bunch of different tools in...

How to Sync your Clipboard between your Android Device and Windows PC

The ability to sync your clipboard between your Android device and your PC is something that has long been sought out. People who constantly flip back and forth between their two devices might find themselves wanting to copy some text off of their smartphone...

How to Connect PS3 Controller to Windows 10 PC

How to Connect PS3 Controller to Windows 10 PC
If you’ve ever tried to connect your PS3 controller to Windows PC in the past, you’ve probably been able to find a really simple guide, and everything was just perfect. However, things have changed with Windows 10. Due to the fact that the drivers...

How to Connect PS4 Controller to PC Running Windows 10

How to Connect PS4 Controller to PC
If you’ve got one of those shiny new DualShock 4 (DS4) controllers, why would you want to buy anything else to play a game on your PC. This is especially true for Sony fanboys who’d rather die than buy an Xbox 360 controller just...

Uber releases universal windows 10 app, adds Cortana and desktop support

uber universal windows 10 app
Uber has released an updated app for Windows 10 PCs, tablets, and smartphones. The updated version provides support for Cortana with which you can just speak out the address where you want ride to be booked. Uber has also added support for desktop edition of...

Quantum computers are 100 million times faster as compared to regular PCs, says Google

Quantum Computer Google NASA D Wave
According to Google, its Quantum computers are 100 million times faster as compared to regular PCs. A two years ago, the D-Wave 2X quantum computer was launched by NASA and Google, and since then it is being experimented at the Ames Research Center in...

Dell, Lenovo and Toshiba Utilities put PCs vulnerable to attacks, says researcher

Lenovo, Dell and Toshiba Utilities
In the case of vulnerabilities in OEM support utilities, computers are left wide open to attacks. Three manufacturers namely Toshiba, Dell and Lenovo, have unpatched vulnerabilities in their support services -- the most ones being seen in the Solution Center of Lenovo. The details were...

HP Spectre x360 Windows 8.1 convertible launched in India for Rs. 129990

HP has announced the availability of 13.3-inch Windows 8.1 convertible ultrabook, HP Spectre x360, in Indian market for Rs. 1,29,990. The director – Personal Systems, PPS HP India, Ketan Patel, said that customers have been looking for a beautiful device with quality delivery, is...

Asus ET-2040 19.5-inch Windows 8.1 AIO PC hands-on Review: Is it worth to buy? Lets find out!

When you hear someone saying 'Desktop', suddenly a picture of a machine pops-up in your mind that has monitors, CPU cabinet, keyboard & mouse, and lots of wiggled cables deskbound together on the top of a table, but not anymore and that picture is...

Asus launches slim All-in-One Windows 8.1 PC for Rs. 24,999

Asus has just announce its new all-in-one PC ET2040INK. The new Windows 8.1 PC is now on sale at Amazon online store as well as on retail outlets of Asus, in India. The new all-in-one PC from Asus features a 19.5-inch HD display without a...

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