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Poor air quality claims 5.5 million lives worldwide annually

A recent study has revealed that air pollution claims 5.5 million lives annually. Global warming caused by air pollution and its effects are being felt all around the globe, and its effects are also being seen on the health of the planet's residents. The frightening...

Sea Traffic Main Culprit for Coastal Areas’ Pollution: Study

Sea Traffic Main Culprit for Pollution
The gentle sea breeze that attracts so many people to live near the coast may not be very pure and fresh as many imagine. The air along the coastal area is filled with nanoparticles that can precipitate serious lungs and cardiac diseases. When we talk...

The Taj Mahal getting discolored by pollution

As pollution in the air is increasing day by day, it is fast leading to the discolouration of the Taj Mahal, Agra’s famous white marble monument of love. The pollution is slowly turning the Taj Mahal yellow. Government is making efforts to save the historic...

New Delhi to combat air pollution using mechanical road cleaning equipments

Delhi - With the heavy smog disrupting the regular traffic flow and causing alarming problems at the start of the year the Delhi government has now come up with a solution for combating the air pollution and dust problem. It plans to use mechanical...

Why we should be now worried about increasing Air Pollution and its Hazards

The greater part of us have grown up finding out about the dangers of air pollution and the hard  hitting truths and substances around it. We are, then again, simply revealing the gravity of the circumstance. A late study led by Greenpeace, inside five...

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