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Google Cardboard Camera app launched for iOS: How to click and share 3D images

Google launched the Cardboard Camera app for iOS users, ten months after it was launched for Android users. This app allows the users to create 360 degree 3D images, just using the smartphone camera. The latest version of the app can be used to take...

Prisma app now offers offline editing for iOS, Android support coming soon

Prisma App
The widely popular photo editor application Prisma gets the ability to work offline without any active internet connection. This is currently available only in the iOS version of the app and will soon arrive on Android as well. Till now, Prisma worked by uploading...

Prisma app guide: Six features you probably didn’t know about

prisma app features
Prisma app is making waves across the world ever since its release one month back. In India, the app was initially made available in closed beta. However, tech enthusiasts managed to download the relevant app file from third-party sources and installed the app since...

Prisma app update brings cool new features and improved speed

Prisma app happens to be one of the most sought after photo editing tools at the moment. That said, its appeal should see a further uptake on the back of several new features that have been added to the app as part of the...

Prisma app for Windows Phone, video support coming soon

prisma app features
Prisma, the photo editor application that took the world by storm will soon be geting a Windows Phone version. Starting off as an iOS only application, Prisma was made available for Android devices just a few days ago. Reports suggest that the developers have already...

Prisma app Officially available for Android on Google Play Store

prisma app features
Finally, the Prisma app is available for download on Android through Google Play Store. The app was earlier made available on beta mode via invite and has now gone public. This means you need not have to wait for an invite or download APK...

How to Sideload Prisma app for Android (Beta): Complete Guide

prisma android
While Android users are out there catching Pokemon, iPhone users are busy clicking and applying selfies and sharing them on Instagram. Prisma app is keeping iOS users busy, and developers are working hard to make this app available for Android users also. Prisma is an...

Prisma App for Android now available to download and Install: Here’s how to use Prisma

prisma 1
Prisma has officially launched Android app in closed beta. Initially released for iOS platform a few weeks ago, Prisma has emerged as one of the top apps in 40+ countries and has been downloaded over 7.5 million times. Moreover, the app has generated 1.5...

Prisma app for iOS transforms mundane photos into impressive artwork

A new filter application Prisma has been creating waves and has become the talk of the town after it first appeared on Appleā€™s App Store. Users around the globe have been enamored by the extraordinary filters boasted by the application which can convert a dull...

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