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China launches high-resolution SAR imaging satellite ‘Gaofen-3’

China launched a hi- resolution Synthetic Aperture Radar Satellite, Gaofen-3. The satellite was carried into space by the workhorse of the Chinese Space Agency, Long March 4C rocket on 10th August 2016. The launch comes in close heels of the verdict from the International Court...

China successfully launches SJ-10, a retrievable scientific research satellite (+Video)

SJ-10 Satellite
In combined efforts, China and Europe have set up mission that attempts to help geologists find more oil on earth. The duo will be launching crude oil into space through an experiment that will measure how oil molecules move under intense pressure. The scientists will...

NISAR: NASA-ISRO to launch satellite to study earthquakes and climate change

Indian Space and Research Organization (ISRO) and its U.S. equivalent, NASA, have come together to develop a satellite that will be dedicated to the study of climate change with a special focus on earthquakes and their patterns. The climate change satellite program marks the first...

SpaceX’s ORBCOMM-2 Mission successful, made landing upright on solid ground [+Video]

SpaceX's ORBCOMM-2 Mission
SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket first stage made a successful landing upright on solid ground at Cape Canaveral Florida. It was a culmination of efforts to start what will be a revolutionary new process of using reusable rockets in future. The 'SpaceX Falcon 9' rocket blasted...

ISRO to launch PSLV-C29 rocket for lifting 6 Singapore satellites today

ISRO PSLV-C29 Rocket
Indian Space and Research organization (ISRO) will launch six Singapore satellites using its workhorse, PSLV rocket today. The satellites will help gather information on disaster monitoring and urban planning. ISRO will be using its trusted PSLV rocket on its n321 core alone configuration without...

ChinaSat 2C: A Civil Communication Satellite launched into space by China

China launches Long March rocket lifting ChinaSat 2C communication satellite
China has launched a new communication satellite (ChinaSat 2C) carried aboard the Long March 3B rocket. The rocket blasted off from Xichang Space Center in southwest China's Sichuan province on Tuesday at 16:25 GMT (11:25 a.m. EST). The ChinaSat 2C satellite will provide radio,...

ISRO to launch PSLV rockets lifting 6 Singapore satellites in December

ISRO to launch PSLV rockets lifting 6 foreign satellites
PSLV has become the most trusted ISRO rocket and has launched both Indian and foreign satellites successfully. It will once again launch six satellites of Singapore by mid-December 2015 including a 500 kilograms earth observation satellite. The satellite will be placed in a near equatorial...

ASTROSAT spots the Crab Nebula using CZTI, LAXPC and SXT technology

India had launched its first space observatory satellite, ASTROSAT on September 28 and became a member of a small group of space-faring nations to have a dedicated satellite to peer into deep space. The satellite was launched about a year after ISRO send a...

NASA confirms successful orbiting of OCSD nanosatellite CubeSat

NASA Miniature Satellite CubeSat
A nano-satellite nicknamed CubeSat that weighs just five pounds with a body dimension of 4 x 4 x 6.7 inches has just become the latest mini satellite to enter orbit. This nanosatellite has been officially christened as Optical Communications and Sensor Demonstration (OCSD) and...

Indian origin astronomer led group dicovers Black Hole 5,000 times vast than our Sun

Black Hole
Some evidence for a new intermediate-mass black hole was discovered by an Indo-American-led team of astronomers from the University of Maryland (UMD) and NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. The mass black hole is said to be about 5,000 times the mass of the Sun...

ISRO to launch PSLV-C30 ASTROSAT, India’s first Astronomical Observation Satellite on 28 Sept

ASTROSAT, the first fully dedicated Indian astronomical satellite to study heavenly objects will blast off from Sriharikota on September 28. It was announced by a high-ranking Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) official on Wednesday. The satellite will be carried aboard ISRO workhorse, the PSLV-C30...

ISRO to launch ASTROSAT, India’s first Astronomical Observatory Satellite on Sept 28

India's space exploration programme will gain some more momentum with the launch of ASTROSAT. The assemblage of the machine is complete and will be ready to kick off its journey on September 28th (Monday) at 10 am from Satish Dhawan Space Centre, SHAR. ASTROSAT -...

Japanese researchers reveals how Saturn’s F Ring and Satellites were formed

Japanese researchers claim that the F rings on Saturn, and the surrounding satellites are the end products of a natural formation of the planet's satellite system. One of the formation theories suggests that Saturn had more rings with more particles around it in the...

NASA satellite data disclose plants use less water than previously assumed

plants use less water
Scientists new research reveals that plants use up less water than previously thought. Moreover, the researchers have figured out that freshwater travels through the soil more rapidly than earlier assumed. The research findings were made possible using NASA satellite. Some explanations have been offered...

NASA EPIC satellite captures rare images of dark side of the moon

NASA EPIC satellite
NASA had released an animation of the other side of the moon as it transits the Earth on Wednesday. It is rare episode especially for a common earthling. NASA created a series of images obtained from DSCOVR's Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera (EPIC) camera and...

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