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WhatsApp end-to-end encryption: Things you need to know

WhatsApp end-to-end encryption has gained a lot of attention from users as well the government. Recently a petition was filed by a WhatsApp user to ban its use. However, the request was turned down and the app is running successfully in India. Recently, many other companies...

Gartner identifies top 10 Security technologies to battle cyber security

Analyst firm Gartner has listed top 10 security technologies which should be adopted by the organizations to win the cybersecurity battle in 2016. There is an estimate that globally, by the end of 2019, data breaches could cost us an approximate $21.1 trillion, and that’s...

Indian government may ban WhatsApp for implementing 256 bits end-to-end encryption

WhatsApp efforts to impress its users by encrypting communication on the platform may put it at odds with Indian authorities. There is a particular communications law in India that prohibits private companies from exceeding a certain level of data encryption unless they have government...

Consumers install apps without being aware of the consequences, says Kaspersky Labs research report

Kaspersky Lab, in the recently published "Are you cyber savvy?" research report, has revealed that consumers are installing a wide range of apps on their smartphones and tablets without being aware of the potential consequences and security hazards. While nearly 63% of consumers neglect to...

Facebook Bug Bounty program awards over Rs. 5 crores to Indian security researchers

Indian researchers have received over Rs. 5 Crores from Facebook for finding bugs on its platform under Facebook's Bug Bounty program. Around 205 security researchers from India has contributed since the starting of this program in 2011 and ranks on top in list right now. Companies...

Kaspersky Lab reports Love was big business for cyber criminals and Spammers

Valentine's Day means not only spreading of love messages but also big business for cyber criminals. Nowadays, many online retailers run special sale during the first few days of February by offering over-priced flowers and a box of soft-centred chocolates at rock bottom prices. According...

Instagram offers Two-Factor Authentication for Customers who care more for security

Instagram users may have experienced the new way to login to their photo-sharing accounts. In fact, the news that a two-factor authentication has been implemented was only confirmed by the Facebook-owned company after users started to notice the change. In order to access your Instagram...

Anonymous hacker revealed list of 20000 FBI agents, 9000 DHS officers

An anonymous hacker recently revealed a list of nearly 20,000 Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents and 9,000 Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officers. With the link to the access URL posted on an encrypted text-sharing website along with the password beginning with '#',...

Mazda Motor Corporation recalls 374,000 cars to fix faulty Takata airbags

Mazda Motor Corporation
On Friday, Mazda Motor Corporation stated that 374,000 U.S vehicles would be recalled owing to defective front passenger-side airbags that were made by Takata. The issue involves defective propellant devices and inflator that might not deploy properly in events of crashes, thus releasing metal...

Microsoft to warn users against suspected state-sponsored hacking attacks

Microsoft to warn users against suspected state-sponsored hacking attacks
Microsoft has implemented a mechanism that automatically notifies users if any one of their accounts have been compromised either by an individual or state-sponsored hacking groups. The software giant has taken action after other tech companies such as Yahoo!, Google and Facebook modified their systems to issue...

Tech companies in China need to hand over encryption keys, as per the new law

China Counter Terrorism Law Pc-Tablet Media
The Chinese parliament has passed a controversial anti-terrorism legislation that requires technology companies to hand over confidential information including encryption keys. However, the details need to be given only to requests from the Government. According to Technology analysts, the new law is aimed at curbing the...

Google to fund $1 Million for Google Drive Security Research in 2016

Google Drive Security Research
  Google has allocated $1 Million grant for Google Drive security research in 2016. The fund will be allocated to independent security researchers who identify potential issues and security flaws that affect the day to day functioning of the Drive. These researchers make significant contributions by...

Dell, Lenovo and Toshiba Utilities put PCs vulnerable to attacks, says researcher

Lenovo, Dell and Toshiba Utilities
In the case of vulnerabilities in OEM support utilities, computers are left wide open to attacks. Three manufacturers namely Toshiba, Dell and Lenovo, have unpatched vulnerabilities in their support services -- the most ones being seen in the Solution Center of Lenovo. The details were...

India’s rising economic clout and plans to Digitise attracting cybercrime hacker, says report

Cyber Crime India
India’s increasing economic clout and its ambitious plans to Digitise makes it an attractive target for cybercrime hackers and terror groups. Advanced Threat Report for Asia Pacific, a Regional Advanced Threat Report by security solutions firm - FireEye's '1H 2015 has said that India...

Chinese scientists discover foam-like super material to make bulletproof jackets and military hardware stronger

super material to make bulletproof jackets
A group of Chinese scientists from Shanghai Institute of Ceramics at the Chinese Academy of Sciences have developed a foam like super material which is composed of tiny graphene tubes and can sustain a force of 40,000 times its own weight without getting distorted....

After Ola Cabs, Uber India adds Number Masking to keep customer phone numbers nameless

Uber India Number Masking
Following Ola Cabs, Uber India has come with a similar feature i.e. telephone number masking in which phone calls between the customer and the driver will be connected utilizing an anonymous telephone number. This is part of Uber's effort to enhance the security of...

India’s National Encryption Policy poses threat to country’s security, puts user privacy in danger

ndia's National Encryption Policy
New Delhi: A lot of controversies seem to be arising out of DeitY’s (Department of Electronics & Information Technology) recently introduced draft about National Encryption policy on their website. As per the concerned department, this policy will activate a highly secure environment where web-based information...

WeChat fixes security flaw within iOS app after malware attack on Apple App Store

WeChat fixes security flaw within iOS app after malware attack on Apple App Store
WeChat Free App like WhatsApp has a wide user base and is immensely popular among its users. It offers voice calls, video calls for free. So, when the news about the site being hacked broke out, there was a widespread fear and rising panic...

Microsoft rolls out its first critical patches for Windows 10 Edge browser

The Redmond-based software giant, Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) on Tuesday, or you can say Patch Tuesday, issued 12 bulletins fixing 56 distinct vulnerabilities in some versions of MS Office, MS Windows, and in the new Microsoft Edge browser. Microsoft shipped a total of 12 security...

Over 61,000 HNWI Millionaires left India due to security and tax issues in last 14 years

HNWI Millionaires left India
A joint report by New World Wealth and LIO Global shows some disturbing trends that more than 61,000 millionaires have left India and shifted base abroad for various reasons like security, child education, and tax. India is seeing the second biggest exodus of high-value...

MasterCard to offer payment authentication with selfies, forget PINs

Selfies will now be used to authenticate the transactions. MasterCard has announced that gone are the days when users need to punch in their pin every time for completing a payment. A new method will allow the customers to take the selfie and complete...

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