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Friday, May 26, 2017

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Google launches Solve for India Campaign to help business developers in tier-2 cities

Google has started the campaign initiative known as ‘solve for India’ to empower and support the business startups and developers in the Tier-2 cities of Kolkata, Nagpur, Nashik, Chennai, Jaipur, Kochi, Indore, Madurai, Hyderabad, and Pune. The business owners will get the chance to...

Government’s new Software Products policy to create 3.5 million jobs by 2025

In a move to impact the “start-up generation” of the country, the NDA has laid out plans to offer fiscal incentives to software start-ups in the country. The idea is to create an ecosystem to bring in and sustain 10,000 new start-ups, which could help...

Google Area 120 is a new startup initiative for Startups by Sundar Pichai

Google, in order to keep the competition within the wall of the company has decided to have an inside in-cubarater called ‘Area 120’. This new innovation is a brain child of Google new CEO, Sundar Pichai. Area 120 will not only look into giving...

List of all startups in which Ratan Tata has invested so far

Ratan Tata, the chairperson emeritus of Tata Sons, is pouring his personal wealth on startups. Investing in promising startups has become one of Tata’s main occupations since retiring in 2012. Tata’s startup investments are spread across different industries, and capture businesses in different stages...

Ratan Tata Investment: Holachef, a food tech startup is 14th in the list to receive funding

MUMBAI – Chairman Emeritus of TATA Sons Ltd. (NASDAQ:TTM), Ratan Tata has made yet another personal investment in Mumbai-based Food-tech Startup, Holachef. The total amount of investment made by Ratan Tata has not been disclosed yet. Holachef, which is food based online platform was launched...

Xiaomi to invest in more than 100 tech startups to expand ecosystem

Beijing, China - Xiaomi, the Chinese tech giant has decided to invest in more than 100 smaller tech startups in order to expand its ecosystem. The stand has been taken with the view to emerge as one of the toughest competitors against the current...

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