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Supercomputer comes up with a silhouette of Dark Matter

Supercomputer Dark Matter
The search for Dark matter continues without much success. Now scientists are using elaborate computer calculations to gauge the outline of the particles of this strange but unknown form of matter. Researchers lead by Professor Zoltán Fodor of the University of Wuppertal, Eötvös University...

Dell supercomputer with Cloud technology launched for enterprises

On 20th June 2016, Dell announced a (High-Performance Computing) HPC solution supported by Intel. The computing orchestrator is a validated software stack designed to give big iron admins out-of-the-box support familiar to the enterprise server customer. It covers the Open HPC software core and APIs...

India to build 80 Supercomputers in next 7 years, first will start serving Nation by 2017

India will have its indigenously-built supercomputer next year in the month of August, as confirmed by the officials of Minister of Science and Technology. The building of supercomputer is a part of the government’s Rs. 4,500 crore programme, approved in March last year. The project...

IIT Delhi Supercomputer powered by NVIDIA GPU Tesla ranked 166th in the list of Top 500 Supercomputers

IIT Delhi Supercomputer powered by NVIDIA GPU Tesla
The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi has developed the fastest supercomputer in the world which is placed in 166th position out of Top 500 in the world. The machine is powered by NVIDIA's GPU Tesla platform and is India's 4th fastest supercomputer in...

Intel to build $200 million Supercomputer for US Department of Energy

Santa Clara, California headquartered Intel Inc. has been awarded a contract by US Department of Energy to produce two Supercomputers. The Supercomputers would be based at Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois. This is a major win for Intel which wants to consolidate its...

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