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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

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Tata Motors introduces Nano Twist for Rs. 2.36 lakh

In a bid to boost its sales, India’s struggling Tata Motors unveiled a new costlier variant of the Nano car yesterday, featuring power steering. The new variant has been named as Nano Twist. Tata Nano launched in 2009 was touted as the world's cheapest car....

Tata Motors Fined by Dispute Redressal Forum

Tata Motors Limited is one of the largest manufacturer in Indian automotive industry. The leader in commercial vehicles, and among the top in passenger vehicles has however landed itself in trouble following the filing of a lawsuit by a consumer against it. Tata Nano...

Tata Nano gets power steering and diesel engine soon

There seems to be a strong possibility for Tata Motors to introduce power steering in Tata Nano cars by the middle of next month. Introduction of power steering might be seen as a strategy on the part of the company in order to woo...

Tata Nano gets a new Eco-friendly CNG Avatar

Driven by an environmental motivation, the Tata Motors Limited has launched a new version of Nano mini car that will run on both compressed natural gas as well as gasoline. Although the new eco-friendly versions of the mini car seem more like the outcome of...

Tata launches new CNG Variant of Tata Nano

Tata Motors was committed to launch the CNG variant of its popular car Nano. The company unveiled its plans first at the Horizionext event, held in Pune in June 2013. Today, we learn that TATA Motors, an arm of the TATA company has officially...

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