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ESA’s Huygens probe shows Saturn moon Titan could be the next Earth with possibilities of life

saturn moon Titan
It was on 25 December 2004, when ESA’s Huygens probe unhitched itself from its mothership Cassini and took the unknown plunge towards the icy atmosphere of Titan, its final destination. It arrived on Titan on January 14, 2005. During its descent through the murky...

NASA Cassini solves the mystery of dark material on Saturn’s moon Titan

NASA spacecraft Cassini has detected canyon network flooded with liquid hydrocarbons on the surface of Saturn's moon Titan. Images sent from the craft reveals that steep-sided canyons branching out from northern sea Ligeia Mare are flowing with liquid methane. Cassini also observed the nearby...

Titan Juxt Pro smartwatch with 450mAh battery launched: Price and availability in India

Titan Juxt Pro smartwatch
Titan has announced the launch of Juxt Pro, its second smartwatch in India. It is the first fully touch-enabled smartwatch by the company. The smartwatch follows the principles of the Juxt but has now developed into a full-fledged smartwatch. It sports a 1.3-inch full...

Titan Juxt smartwatch launched in collaboration with HP: Specs, Availability and Price Details

Titan Juxt smartwatch
India’s leading and world’s fifth largest watchmaker, Titan, has launched its first smartwatch in the Indian market – Titan Juxt. The smartwatch is manufactured in collaboration with HP Inc. This new product from Titan helped the company to enter into the wearable category after...

NASA Cassini’s CIRS camera captures unusual ice cloud covering Saturn’s moon, Titan

ice cloud on Titan
WASHINGTON, D.C: NASA’s Cassini mission has captured images that show a massive cloud covering the south pole of Titan, which is the largest of the moons that orbit planet Saturn. According to NASA, the rare ice cloud covering on Titan hovers at an altitude...

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