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Samsung Z2 Tizen smartphone India launch confirmed for August 23

Samsung Z2 Tizen
Korean giant Samsung has sent out media invites for an event on Tuesday, August 23, where we could see the launch of its next entry level Tizen-based smartphone - the Samsung Z2. The invite says "Samsung's next meaningful innovation is here, Samsung India cordially...

Samsung Patents concept Projection Smartwatch based on Pranav Mistry’s Sixth Sense Tech

Samsung filed for another patent on 14th of May for a smartwatch which comes with a inbuilt small projector that displays the screen on the user’s hand. Smartwatches are handy devices, known for their mobility, connectivity and utility. However, its biggest advantage is also its biggest...

Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch: Things you need to know

Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch
Samsung has showcased its new smartwatch “Samsung Gear S2”. By one look at the new smartwatch, one can easily say it has best hardware design comparing with any other smartwatch available in a market. Samsung Gear S2 will be available in a market from October 2015,...

Samsung and Intel Security will Collaborate to Tighten up Security of Tizen Smartphones

World's most popular computer processor manufacturer Intel's Security department has just announced that it has partnered up with world's most popular smartphone manufacturer brand Samsung to tighten up the security of its smartphones. But the catch is, the new collaboration will have Intel Security tighten...

Samsung plans to manufacture Tizen smartphones in India

Despite not so encouraging reaction to Samsung's first-ever consumer smartphone Samsung Z1 running on Tizen operating system that was released in India earlier this month, the Korean company is apparently planning on continuing the manufacturing of Tizen phones. The company reportedly wants to do...

Samsung Tizen smartphone Z1 fails to attract Indian customers

Samsung has finally released its much talked-about smartphone Samsung Z1 that runs on Tizen operating system. The Korean electronics giant developed the operating system to decrease its dependency on Google for Android operating system. The phone was released in India earlier this month. Samsung has...

This is what makes Samsung’s latest Tizen 2.3 based Z1 a great buy

Amidst speculations and jeers after an aborted launch in Russia sometime in 2014, Samsung has manufactured an exquisite smartphone that operates with flamboyance on the Tizen OS (Operating System). This is the first time of all sorts that Samsung has come up with a...

Samsung unveils Tizen powered phone as a counter to Google’s Android One

Samsung has provided the clearest of indication that it could one day end its reliance on Google in terms of operating software, for its gadgets. The giant smartphone maker has unveiled a $92 phone in India that runs on its homegrown Tizen software rather...

Samsung reportedly plans to unveil Z1 Tizen phone in India on January 18

Samsung reportedly plans to unveil Z1 Tizen phone in India on January 18
Samsung's first Tizen-based smartphone has reportedly got a release date to be unveiled in India. Despite the initial reports that the device will be released in India sometime in December, the release date has been pushed to the new year.The device is likely to...

Samsung’s new Smart gear to unmask the Tizen

Samsung, world’s leading handset maker is poised to release a new smart gear watch soon. Obviously, the new gear would be advanced, improved in style, technicalities, and even a new OS. Yes, you heard us! The South Korean electronics giant was keenly developing a new...

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