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Friday, May 26, 2017

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Twitter, Vine now allows video upload of up to 140 seconds

In a recent development, Twitter is now allowing its users to post longer videos of up to 140 seconds. Since the start of 2016, Twitter’s Video engagement has increased by around 50 percent. This step will allow users to be more creative while publishing...

Seven addictive Fun Apps to download on your iPhone and Android smartphones

In the age of technology where almost everyone carries a smartphone, apps have become humans' best friend. They help you with the day-to-day tasks, making them hassle-free. Apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter that are commonly used, but there are fun apps that will...

Green vine snake and Indian black scorpion seized from poacher in Delhi

A poacher who possessed An Indian black scorpion and a green vine snake; both protected wildlife species has been arrested by the police near Karol Bagh. The arrest was made after a tip-off was received by police. The man has been charged under different sections...

Vine allows for uploading, downloading and play high-quality video on iOS operating system

Vine allows for uploading, downloading and play high-quality video on iOS operating system
Short video clip sharing app – Vine rolled out the new update that supports for uploading, downloading and playing high-definition videos on iOS operating system and will be soon available on Android operating system as well. In a blog post, company says, “Vine has a...

Vine Releases “Vine Kids” for iOS

Vine is a popular video-sharing application. It only allows short videos to be recorded and shared with the followers. It's almost like Twitter and Instagram, except that it allows to share short videos, a feature which has since been made available in both of...

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