Ten most useless apps ever made for Android and iOS device

Can you name a single thing which your smartphone cannot do these days? Well, no matter how much you think, you will fail to find anything. There are plenty of applications which are of real value to the smartphone users. On the other hand, there are chunks of Apps which are completely pointless. They just grab your phone’s precious space and do no more. Trying useless apps is sometimes fun, so why don’t you give it a shot by experimenting on some of the below listed useless apps:

1. Pointless button:

As the name says it all, it flashes a useless button on the screen that you can press. That’s all. This is how this app functions. Some people get curious to download and try it. It has a leaderboard also listing 15 useless achievements and top achievers. You can use this app yourself to measure its uselessness.

Price: Free
Availability: Android

2. iBeer:

Based on a simulation technique, wherein you can empty a beer can by tilting you phone screen. It even burps at the end. I mean seriously what else one can expect. The developer of this app has series of ‘iDrink’ range ranging from iWater, iChocolate, iCola and iMilk. Kids usually love this app and call it magic. Another useless app with no real usage.

Price: Free
Availability: Android

3. Ghost Radar:


This app is designed to detect any paranormal activity happening around. Its an illusion. But the app description shall surely make you believe so. Well, it is similar o traditional ghost detectors and can even translate words uttered by the ghost. The app is entirely for entertainment purpose, and you cannot rely on the results of it. The results cannot be scientifically verified and tested. Hence, it is designed only to have some fun and scare your friends.

Price: Free
Availability: Android

4. Anti-Mosquito:


The idea behind the development of this app is to repel mosquitos by emitting ultrasonic waves. The app initially gained a lot of attention of the audience. But later on, it was proved that it has no scientific justification. A complete nonsense app with no scientific backing. Some research even suggested that the app might perform otherwise by attracting mosquitos rather than repelling.

Price: Free
Availability: Android

5. Fake Call:


This app is designed to get yourself out of awkward situations, if at all you face any. Also, if you’re a bit of a loner, Fake Call can help you to justify carrying a smartphone. Using this app, you can initiate fake calls and text to yourself; you can even pre-record your own voice to make it sound as though you are talking to someone else. Would anyone like to even try it out?

Price: Free
Availability: Android

6. Kitchen Scale:


Commendable on the part of the developer of the app. I mean what an idea? Hats off… Jokes apart. He initially became successful in fooling people around the globe by making them believe that you can measure the weight of food ingredients by placing them your mobile screen. You can measure ingredients like salt, sugar, spices, etc. the results are highly inaccurate and not trust-worthy.

Price: Free
Availability: Android

7. Pocket Fan:

What could be more useless than this? It has a pocket fan on the screen which starts functioning once you tap the screen. Initially the user’s complaint of not getting any air once the fan starts rotating. I mean can you believe it? People felt that this fan could cool them down. Later on, the developer motioned clearly that any wind you feel while using this app is entirely coincidental and not emitted from the smartphone screen.

Price: Free
Availability: Android

8. Electric Shaver:


We use our smartphones for a lot of things, but personal hygiene certainly isn’t one of them (and hopefully never will be). This app basically makes your phone screen “look” like an electric razor. It just displays a power switch on the screen similar to most flashlight apps. When the switch is turned on, the phone buzzes like an electric razor. Is it of any use?

Price: Free
Availability: Android

9. iNap@Work:


Seems some people are so lazy that they invented an app to get out of doing work. The premise on which the app is built is amusing. The idea is that the app would make it sound like you’re working while, in fact, you’re actually sleeping. You can preset certain sounds such as clicking, typing, crumpling paper and stapling to occur “Often” or “Never” depending on your preference.

Price: Free
Availability: iOS

10. Hold On:


The object of this application is to track how long you can keep a finger on a static position on the touchscreen. You can later use this data point to plug into a spreadsheet and chart precisely how much of your life is being wasted.


What could be more useless than trying these pointless apps? The basic idea of the app developers is to grab audience’s attention and make them download their developed apps. Generally, people make the best use of their smartphone space by downloading only useful apps. But sometimes, you tend to do something which you didn’t intend to. Same is the case with these apps. 

Hats Off to the developers and creators of these marvelous masterpieces. They shall surely be awarded for creating such useless apps. These non-sense apps are a complete waste of time and space, so beware before trying them.


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