These Laptops now have your back: Top AI capabilities built right in

The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into laptops and PCs has opened up unprecedented possibilities, significantly enhancing user productivity and task efficiency. Its potential applications include accelerating data processing speed, improving accuracy, automating tasks, and bolstering cybersecurity measures.

HP has been actively unveiling AI-enhanced PCs for substantial improvements in the user experience. This enhancement is noticeable in various aspects such as audio quality, video performance, responsiveness, and resource utilization.

Presented below is a carefully selected compilation of AI-enhanced HP devices, that elevate the user experience.

These Laptops now have your back: Top AI capabilities built right in

1. HP Spectre x360 14-inch 2-inch 1 laptop PC: The new HP Spectre x360 14-inch 2-in-1 PC is a stylish, smart, and adaptable device. Powered by Meteor Lake, it boasts a triple engine of CPU, GPU, and NPU, introducing novel AI-enhanced experiences. The dedicated AI chip facilitates intelligent computing, offering curated features like gestures and advanced privacy and security. Features such as ‘screen time reminder’ and ‘walk away lock’ contribute to user well-being during extended work hours. Notable additions include HP’s first PCs with audio tuned by Poly Studio and an upgraded IMAX display. With a starting price of INR 1,64,999, the HP Spectre x360 PC enhances efficiency.

These Laptops now have your back: Top AI capabilities built right in

2. HP Spectre x360 16-inch 2-in-1 laptop PC: The newly launched HP Spectre x360 16-inch 2-in-1 laptop stands out with its AI chip, enabling smarter computing. It introduces AI gestures, advanced privacy settings, and health reminders. Notable features like ‘auto screen dimming’ and ‘privacy alert’ make it a compelling choice to explore firsthand. With its 16-inch high-quality display and dedicated NPU for AI functions, it enhances video calling with improved privacy and performance. Priced at INR 1,79,999, this PC delivers premium user experience.

These Laptops now have your back: Top AI capabilities built right in

3. HP Dragonfly G4: A game-changer for today’s mobile professionals in the era of hybrid work, as video meetings become the norm, the Dragonfly G4 addresses the challenges of virtual interactions with cutting-edge features. It is the world’s first business notebook to support the simultaneous use of two cameras, allowing professionals to easily manage two video streams and deliver more impactful presentations. Whether showcasing a product or sharing a whiteboard, the Dragonfly G4 empowers users to create a more engaging and immersive collaboration experience. One can also move around a little during video calls with HP Auto Frame. The camera and audio actively follow your motion. Additionally, it’s Auto Camera Select’ feature recognizes the camera you’re facing, maintaining audience engagement without breaking eye contact. Priced at INR 2,20,000, it is the preferred choice for versatile and busy professionals.

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