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Tiktok users launch campaign to unfollow celebrities: here is why

tiktok users launch campaign to unfollow celebrities

In a striking move, TikTok users have initiated a widespread campaign to unfollow and block celebrities, termed “BlockOut 2024.” This movement has garnered significant attention and participation across social media platforms, highlighting a growing frustration with celebrities perceived as out of touch with pressing global issues.

The Origin of BlockOut 2024

The campaign began in early May 2024, immediately following the Met Gala, an annual fundraising event known for its extravagant displays of wealth and fashion. This year, the event’s opulence starkly contrasted with ongoing humanitarian crises, particularly the war in Gaza. Social media users, led by influential TikToker @BlockOut2024, began urging others to block celebrities who had remained silent about the conflict​​.

Reasons Behind the Campaign

Several factors have fueled the BlockOut 2024 movement:

  1. Silence on Humanitarian Crises: Many celebrities have been criticized for their lack of public stance on the Israel-Palestine conflict. Activists argue that figures with significant influence should use their platforms to raise awareness and advocate for justice. The campaign’s proponents believe that by blocking these celebrities, they can diminish their social media influence and financial gain from ad revenues​​.
  2. Symbolic Actions and Viral Moments: The movement gained momentum through symbolic actions and viral moments. For instance, a video of influencer Haley Kalil lip-syncing “let them eat cake” outside the Met Gala went viral, drawing parallels to Marie Antoinette’s infamous phrase and highlighting perceived insensitivity to the crisis in Gaza. This incident further galvanized the campaign, with many viewing it as a tipping point​.

Impact on Celebrities

Blocking celebrities can have a more substantial impact than simply unfollowing them. Blocking reduces their overall audience size, affecting visibility on social media algorithms and potentially diminishing their value to advertisers. This strategy aims to cut off the financial benefits celebrities gain from their online presence, thereby pressuring them to engage more responsibly with global issues​.

Celebrities Targeted

Prominent figures like Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, Zendaya, and Gal Gadot have been among those targeted. The campaign has seen mixed reactions, with some celebrities losing followers but not necessarily seeing a significant financial impact yet. However, the movement continues to grow, reflecting a broader discontent with celebrity culture and a call for more accountabilit​.

Broader Implications

The BlockOut 2024 movement is part of a larger trend of social media users leveraging their collective power to demand change. By targeting high-profile individuals, activists hope to create a ripple effect, encouraging more responsible and engaged behavior from those in positions of influence. This campaign underscores the evolving dynamics of social media activism and the potential for digital platforms to drive social change​.

The BlockOut 2024 campaign illustrates a significant shift in how social media users interact with celebrities and hold them accountable. As the movement continues to gain traction, it highlights the power of collective action in the digital age and the growing expectation for public figures to use their influence for positive change.



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