Top contributions of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam to the world

A great scientist, phenomenal teacher, and people’s President, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam passed away on July 27, 2015, in Shillong. He once said that he wanted to teach forever, and he was doing the same on Monday evening when he laid to rest. Dr. Kalam was in IIM Shillong, addressing students when he suddenly got a cardiac arrest.

His contribution to science, humanity, and technology cannot be elucidated ever. Here are the top contributions of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam that turned him into a living legend for the entire country.

1. Satellite Launch Vehicle

During the 1970s, when India had hardly dreamt of its SLV, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam launched SLV III in July 1980, which deployed Rohini in near-earth orbit. It was nearly a decade’s hard work of Kalam, which made this task possible.

2. Integrated Guided Missile Development Program

Dr. Kalam was appointed as the CEO of this high-end program. Rather than backing off from this responsibility, Kalam tried in the best way possible to make it successful. As a result of his hard work and devotion, missiles like AGNI (a ballistic missile) and PRITHVI (surface-to-surface missile) came into existence.

3. Pokhran-II Nuclear Tests

During his tenure as Secretary of the Defence Research and Development Organization and Chief Scientific Advisor to Prime Minister between July 1992 and December 1999, he took some great decisions. Dr. Kalam’s intensive technical and political help in Pokhran-II nuclear tests earned him a lot of media coverage and established him as the best living nuclear scientist in the country.

4. Kalam-Raju Tablet

Dr. Kalam and Soma Raju, a well-known cardiologist, came up with a rugged tablet computer in 2012 to take care of the health of underprivileged people in rural India. It helped the government fight many health issues.

5. The Mission 2020

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam was a visionary man and saw a dream of India becoming a developed nation by the year 2020. He always believed that education and the dominant young Indians could take the nation to greater heights. He will not be there to witness India’s success in the coming days, but his guidance and blessings will surely help the country to fulfill his dream.

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