These are the top upcoming rumored Smartphones

If someone is going to ask you that what Smartphone brands you are hoping to see in 2016, you may answer Samsung Galaxy S7 or iPhone 7. However, there is no plausibility of specifying the top of the line gadgets of minimal known brands.

There are numerous minimal referred brands those are not built up as much as Samsung and Apple, however, they find themselves able to deliver remarkable gadgets. Along these lines, they are worth to be known by the cell phone lover.

HTC One M10 or HTC 2

HTC One M10 will be a noteworthy threat to the up and coming to Samsung and Apple cell phones because of its exceptional specification. As per our sources it might include the best of screen technology and definitely going to support 1920*1080 screen resolution with 5.2-inch display, which will be developed with a sapphire that will improve its strength fundamentally.

The 3.1-GHz octa-center 812 processors will make HTC One M10 one of the speediest cell phones of 2016. It is going to have the largest camera quality in terms of megapixels when compared to its previous models which makes photographs and recording features will be just amazing. Aside from having the wireless charging framework, the HTC One M10 will likewise include the moment charging framework, through which you will have the capacity to charge the gadget rapidly.

Apple iPhone 7

Apple iPhone 7

iPhone 7 will be stuffed with the new quad-center A9 processor, which will make it the quickest iPhone ever! The 20MP back iSight camera and 2MP Facetime HD camera will help you bring photographs and selfies with your companions with a staggering quality. Its battery will be assembled with natural materials, which will help it to store charge for a more extended time. On the other hand, the most astonishing component will be an incorporated projector through which you can either watch a motion picture or display presentation slides on a level surface.



The LG G5 will launch in the first quarter of 2016. As per our sources the gadget is rumored to be outfitted with the latest screen technologies and will have the 5.6-inch sapphire screen, which will deliver an unfathomably lively view. It will likewise highlight a speedier 2.9 GHz octa-center processor and 5GB of RAM, which will empower you to perform every one of the operations at a great degree quick pace.

With the noteworthy back camera (rumored upto 20 mp) and 5MP front camera, you will have the capacity to click photographs and record videos with a high quality.

The optical picture management alternative and the new 3D component will take your experience utilizing a camera to another level. Other critical elements of the gadgets are Retina eye scanner, waterproof and dustproof design, shockproof sensor and 4100 mAh battery.

Microsoft Lumia 950 & 950 XL


Since an extensive bit of the greatest cell phone producers on the planet have uncovered their new leads, Microsoft should be in progress of a compelling Android contender. Best New Upcoming Smartphone and the most expected Lumia 950 may finally come into light after the Windows 10 for Smartphones was as of late propelled.

It has features like 1440 x 2560 pixel QHD screen, 5.7-inch display, 950 XL Octa-Core Snapdragon 810, 940 with Hexa-Core Snapdragon 808, Adreno 430 GPU, 3GB RAM, Windows 10, 20-megapixel Carl Zeiss back camera, 5MP front camera.

Nokia C1

Nokia C1

Nokia has been introducing so as to wane to resuscitate itself new handsets one year from now. Regardless, a portion of the cell phone 2016 bits of gossip claim that the organization will uncover an Android handset, called Nokia C1, in the following year.

The Nokia C1 is said to highlight 5-inch IPS capacitive display, 2GB of RAM, 8-MP primary camera, and 5-MP secondary camera. As indicated by cell phone 2016 bits of gossip, the new cell phone will go through Android 5.0 Lollipop, which will most likely help Nokia to get back its lost place in the mobile industry market.

Oppo Find 9

Oppo Find 9

While Oppo is not a very much perceived brand like Apple and Samsung, it has effectively made some remarkable cell phones, which have gotten acclaim from the vast majority of the cell phone fans. The organization is reputed to launch its new flagship device Oppo Find 9 in 2016. The gadget is required to be outfitted with a 5.5-inch Quad HD, 2560×1440 pixels screen, which will shock everybody with its dynamic display and color.

It is likewise supposed to include Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor and 4GB of RAM, which will make it an awesome gadget for playing top of the line games. With the camera up to 20 MP and 8-MP front camera, you will have the capacity to snap photographs of remarkable quality.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Being relied upon to be uncovered in September 2016, Samsung Galaxy S7 will turn out with every elements that are obliged to be the best cell phone of the world. It will include 5.1-inch bended OLED display that will deliver a well sharpened sharp view. The 2.9-GHz octa-center processor and 5GB of RAM will guarantee the amazingly smooth operation of all the top of the line applications and games.

It is going to have a significant front camera for selfie lovers and 10-MP back camera will be outfitted with the 3D innovation and optical picture management, through which you will have the capacity to catch dazzling photographs.

The 4000 mAh battery will create a lot of juice to the cell phone, which will empower it to work throughout the day. Other prominent elements are a full metal body, unique mark scanner, dust-proofing and waterproofing abilities, and shockproof sensors.

Webs Den Octate

While the organization name “Webs Den” may sound weird to you, its Octate cell phone will be a stunning device. It is supposed to include 5.5-inch LTPS screen, alongside a remarkable resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixel. All the more particularly, the display screen has been furnished with the 3D innovation, which makes it ideal for viewing 3D films. The gadget is additionally reputed to be furnished with the MediaTek MT6595T processor.

All the more particularly, the processor will include 8 centers, which will empower the gadget to perform at a magnificent pace. It will likewise include 3GB of RAM, alongside 2GB of burst/swap RAM. Another vital component is NFC innovation through which the gadget can be changed into an advanced wallet. In general, Webs-Den Octate will develop as an extraordinary rival in the worldwide cell phone market one year from now, which pushes us to incorporate it in our review of best upcoming Smartphone in 2016.

Xiaomi Mi 5

Xiaomi Mi 5

Xiaomi Mi5 will be a noteworthy contender for the title of the best cell phone of 2016. The gadget will be furnished with the 5.2-inch Ultra HD screen, which will daze its client with its dynamic perspective. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 2.5 GHz Octa-center
processor will empower the gadget to perform outstandingly.

It is definitely have a better camera than its predecessors and 7-10 MP optional cameras, you will have the capacity to take fantastically energetic photographs. It will likewise highlight a few extraordinary components, including wireless charging framework, Retina eye scanner, and uni-body glass/metal outline, which will make an interesting personality for the specific gadget in the cell phone market.

This is the end of our best upcoming Smartphone in 2016. Stay in contact with us to get more data about the up and coming cell phones. Please leave your comments below.

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