Truke Clarity Five Review: Affordable Quality Meets Performance

Truke, a brand acclaimed for offering budget-friendly earbuds in India, recently unveiled the Clarity Five Buds. Launched on August 22, these earbuds are distinguished by their advanced six-microphone array and noise-cancellation technology.

Retailing at a competitive price of Rs 1200, they are accessible through Truke’s official site and major e-commerce channels like Amazon and Flipkart. This review aims to assess whether these earbuds are a prudent investment at this price point.

Having used the Truke Clarity Five Earbuds for about a month, I will analyse their battery life, audio quality, calling experience, and overall performance.

Truke Clarity Five Review

Design and Comfort

Truke Clarity Five Review

The Truke Clarity Five showcases an elegant design, merging matte and glossy finishes. While visually appealing, the glossy segments are susceptible to scratches and fingerprints. Despite this, the design ensures user comfort. I found that even during strenuous activities, the earbuds remained comfortably in place without any irritation.

Sound Quality

Truke Clarity Five Review

These earbuds offer three audio profiles: ‘Bass Boost’, ‘Movie Mode’, and ‘Dynamic Audio’. The ‘Bass Boost’ caters to bass enthusiasts, while ‘Movie Mode’ enhances vocal clarity, ideal for film watching. The ‘Dynamic Audio’ mode, adaptable for everyday use, leverages 13mm drivers for robust bass and clear vocal output. However, improvements in sound stage and treble clarity could elevate the overall listening experience.

Calling Experience

Truke Clarity Five Review

The Clarity Five excels in call quality, thanks to its six-microphone ENC setup. This ensures clarity in various environments, making it an excellent pick for frequent callers.

Gaming and Connectivity

Truke Clarity Five Review

Targeted towards gamers, the earbuds boast a 35ms ‘ultra-low latency’. Although minor delays were noticeable in fast-paced games, the Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity remained stable. The dual switching feature and intuitive touch controls enhance the user experience, especially for handling calls, music, and voice assistants.

Battery Life

Truke Clarity Five Review

Consistent with Truke’s reputation, the Clarity Five impresses with its battery life. In my usage, where I listened for about five hours daily at 80-85% volume, the earbuds lasted nearly nine days before requiring a recharge. This endurance is noteworthy and should satisfy the majority of users.


Truke Clarity Five Review

To conclude, the Truke Clarity Five Earbuds present a remarkable blend of features at the modest price of Rs 1200. Balancing aesthetic appeal with comfort, they deliver satisfactory sound quality, effective noise cancellation, and clear call quality. Despite minor latency issues in gaming, these drawbacks are overshadowed by the overall benefits, particularly the impressive battery life. The Truke Clarity Five Earbuds emerge as an excellent option for those seeking affordable, functional, and comfortable earbuds.


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