Twitter now allows private conversations in Direct Messages with anyone

Twitter [NASDAQ:TWTR] has allowed Direct messaging on its platform for all the users. Earlier the direct messaging was restricted to your followers on Twitters. Now a user can send a Direct Message to any Twitter user. Twitter has also allowed Group Chat feature to enable group conversations.

It make sense to allow send Direct Messages to anyone apart from your followers. This feature would be great for the Businesses. If there is a Restaurant or a Band who has an official twitter handle and if a user wants to appreciate them by sending a private message, instead of asking them to follow them, patrons can now send Direct Messages to them. Twitter has been under a lot of pressure to increase their active user base and become a favored Social Media platform for Business.

Twitter shared this news through their official twitter handle:

Users can enable this new Opt-in change through the settings tab in their profile. A user can click on the Security option under settings and select the check mark “Receive Direct Message from anyone” to enable this feature. In the android and iPhone app a new button will appear on the profile page of the users you can send a direct message. As this is an Opt-in feature it may be possible a lot of users may not start using it at once.Direct message

This feature could be a great feature for Journalists, Customer Service Agents and Direct Marketing Companies. Now the users can provide direct feedback and tips privately to them instead of posting it on timeline for world to have a view. But the flip side of this feature is its abuse in online harassing and spamming. Twitter has enabled the function to block any particular user to fight of abuse but the real effect of this feature can be observed in few days.

For a user the new option comes with double edge sword. You can get candid feedback if you are offering some services to people at large or you can be personally targeted by spammers as you are letting the door open for them.

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