Twitter unveils web Digits login, no more passwords required

Twitter wants its users to have a better social media experience on the microblogging site. The company has moved to give app developers more power to engage with users. With the release of Digits login, Twitter hopes that developers will achieve much more with their apps than they would have done without this easy login feature.

Phone number-based login

Instead of using password to log in to websites, Digits allows users to simply enter their phone number. That makes the login process faster and easy. Digits login also functions much like two-factor authentication, which means that it is safe for users to log in to websites using their phone numbers.

Twitter has already made Digits available for users on various platforms such as iOS, Android and mobile Web. Users who log in to websites with their phone number for the first time receive a one-time four-digit-code through SMS, which they are required to enter to access the content they desire.

Advantage for developers

Implementation of Digits login is expected to bring various benefits to developers, they enjoy increased downloads for their apps and improve online engagement among other things. The introduction of Digits login comes at a time when WhatsApp, which was acquired by Facebook for about $22 billion, released a Web version of its popular mobile app. WhatsApp revealed that about 600 million people have used the Web version of the mobile messaging service.

Those who want to take advantage of WhatsApp on the Web must be having an existing account on a mobile platform other than iOS. Furthermore, WhatsApp on the Web is currently only supported by Google Chrome browser.

Twitter in heart disease prediction

Meanwhile, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania and University of Melbourne in the U.S. and Australia, respectively, have found out that Twitter can help with the prediction of heart diseases. In a study published in a science journal known as Psychological Science, the researchers said that social media can function as dashboard indicator for understanding rate of heart disease and other psychological well-being. Twitter has more than 284 million monthly active users.

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