UNO Technology Spearheads ATC Cabin Project at Noida International Airport

UNO Technology, an engineering solutions company, has announced its first project in India: constructing a high-vision Air Traffic Control (ATC) cabin at Noida International Airport. This project marks a significant development in Indian aviation, aligning with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards to enhance operational efficiency and safety at airports.

Key Highlights:

  • UNO Technology initiates its first project in India with an advanced ATC cabin at Noida International Airport.
  • The project aims to address issues like limited visibility and obsolete equipment in air traffic control.
  • A unique framing system without mullions for glazing in the Visual Control Room (VCR) is being implemented.
  • The ATC cabin is designed to provide obstruction-free vision, improving operational efficiency and safety.
  • The Noida International Airport project is a collaboration between Zurich Airports Group and TATA Projects Limited, aiming to become the largest airport in India.

UNO Technology Spearheads ATC Cabin Project at Noida International AirportThe company is working on the Noida International Airport’s ATC cabin construction, focusing on enhancing air traffic controllers’ vision and reducing operational challenges such as limited visibility and outdated equipment. This initiative is expected to significantly impact operational efficiency and safety standards in the aviation sector.

As a contractor for Noida International Airport in Jewar, U.P., UNO Technology is developing the High Vision Air Traffic Control Room for the new ATC Tower. They are introducing an innovative framing system without mullions for glazing in the Visual Control Room (VCR), which is a first in India.

Mr. Unni Bhaskar, Managing Director of UNO Technology Private Limited, commented on the project’s significance, “Our first project in India at Noida International Airport marks a crucial step in advancing air traffic control infrastructure in the country. We are committed to delivering innovative technology and quality, adhering to our motto ‘100% made in India, made for the world’, and contributing to the Indian aviation industry’s growth on a global scale.”

The project at Noida International Airport, owned by Zurich Airports Group and executed by TATA Projects Limited, is set to elevate the airport’s status. It aims to position Noida International Airport as one of the largest globally and the largest in India, marking a landmark collaboration in the aviation sector.

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