Urban Company Enhances App for Visually Impaired Users

Urban Company Enhances App for Visually Impaired Users

Urban Company, a leading marketplace for on-demand home services in Asia, has updated its app to make it accessible for persons with visual impairments. The update enables visually impaired users to book at-home services using touch gestures and works seamlessly with screen reading software, ensuring a more inclusive user experience.

Key Highlights:

  • Visually impaired users can now book services on Urban Company using touch gestures.
  • The app is compatible with ‘Voice Over’ on iOS and ‘TalkBack’ on Android.
  • Collaboration with Mission Accessibility to enhance app accessibility.
  • Features include audible descriptions of non-selectable elements and simplified navigation.

Urban Company Enhances App for Visually Impaired Users

Urban Company has taken significant steps to ensure its platform is accessible to all, especially catering to the needs of over 15 million visually impaired individuals in India. In partnership with Mission Accessibility, the company has revamped its mobile application to support assistive technologies like ‘Voice Over’ for iOS and ‘TalkBack’ for Android. This initiative underscores Urban Company’s commitment to inclusivity, allowing users with visual impairments to navigate the app more effortlessly, book services, and communicate with service professionals.

The update introduces several user-friendly features, including audible descriptions for non-selectable elements, streamlined navigation, and an easy service booking journey. This approach not only facilitates a seamless experience for visually impaired users but also aligns with Urban Company’s broader goal of democratizing convenience through technology.

Raghav Chandra, Co-Founder and Chief Product & Technology Officer at Urban Company, emphasized the company’s focus on delivering a seamless experience for all customers, including those with visual impairments. He expressed hope that the new app update would simplify the process of booking services on Urban Company for visually impaired individuals.

Echoing the sentiment, Amar Jain, Co-Founder of Mission Accessibility, highlighted the critical role of accessibility in digital applications. He praised Urban Company’s efforts to make their platform more accessible and inclusive, allowing visually impaired individuals to book services confidently and independently.

This update is a testament to Urban Company’s commitment to inclusivity and accessibility, ensuring that high-quality services from background-verified professionals are accessible to everyone, regardless of their physical abilities. By prioritizing user experience and leveraging technology, Urban Company continues to lead the way in making the digital marketplace more accessible and convenient for all users.

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