Best USB 3.0 External Hard Drives: Recommended Seagate, WD, Toshiba, Samsung Hard Disks

More and More people are opting for external hard disks to increase the existing space in their laptop. SSD’s are still not very suitable as expansion drives due to the high cost, but these USB-based drives are awesome additions that you should definitively have with you at all times. With the passing years, these expansion drives are coming with larger memory capacities and at lesser costs.

Here is a list of some of the top USB 3.0 external hard drives. Please note that these hard drives are backward compatible with USB 2.0 also.

1. Seagate Expansion

Seagate Expansion

It is probably one of the best external hard disk that is available in the market. This series is available in the 1 TB, 2 TB, 3 TB and 4 TB variants. This external device is best for storing files that you don’t access that often like photo archives, videos etc.

2. Samsung M3


This is the most value for money device that you will find on the whole list. This device is good for every general usage and is available in three variants of 500 GB, 1 TB and 2 TB. We would definitely recommend you to go for the 1 TB one, as there is not a big cost difference between the 500 GB and 1 TB versions.

3. Toshiba Canvio Basics

Toshiba Canvio Basics

All we need for describing this device are three words, boring, cheap and functional. The device has got simply no aesthetic appeal and design, but other than that you will get all the basic functionality that you may need. This hard drive comes in 500 GB and 1 TB variants.

4. ADATA DashDrive HV620

ADATA DashDrive HV620


This hard drive is an amazing drive having a great chunk of data storage at 2 TB. It’s very good for anyone who wants to increase their storage because its quite fast. Well, it might not be as fast as two drives operating in RAID 0, but it is decently fast.

5. WD My Passport Ultra

Packed with amazing memory space in a very small form factor, the Western Digital My Passport Ultra allows users to access and save data and files in blazing-fast speed. It is available in four stylish colors — Classic Black, Brilliant White, Wild Berry and Noble Blue. It also allows users to keep their private stuff private with optional 256-bit AES hardware encryption.


I would go with the Samsung M3 as it has very good cost to memory ratio. The overall form factor and the performance of this hard drive is pretty amazing and stable. You can select WD drives as well, they just released a whole new portfolio of external drives.

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