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Verizon Introduces $10 Monthly YouTube Premium Subscription

Verizon Introduces $10 Monthly YouTube Premium Subscription

Verizon has unveiled a new offer allowing its customers to subscribe to YouTube Premium for just $10 a month. This announcement is part of Verizon’s broader initiative to enhance its streaming services and provide more value to its subscribers. Here’s a detailed look at what this deal entails and how you can take advantage of it.

The Offer

Starting this month, Verizon customers with certain unlimited plans can add a YouTube Premium subscription to their package for just $10 per month. This is a significant discount from the standard YouTube Premium subscription price, which typically costs $11.99 per month. This offer is available through Verizon’s +play platform, which is designed to help customers manage their various streaming and subscription services in one place​​.

How to Avail the Offer

To take advantage of this deal, customers need to be enrolled in one of Verizon’s eligible unlimited plans. The plans that qualify for this offer include Unlimited Ultimate, Unlimited Plus, and Unlimited Welcome. If you are already on one of these plans, you can easily add the YouTube Premium subscription through the My Verizon app or website by navigating to the +play section​.

Benefits of YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium offers several benefits that enhance the viewing experience:

  1. Ad-Free Viewing: Enjoy videos without interruptions from ads.
  2. Background Play: Videos can continue playing in the background while using other apps or when the screen is off.
  3. YouTube Music Premium: Access to the full YouTube Music library without ads.
  4. Offline Downloads: Download videos to watch offline, which is perfect for travel or areas with poor internet connectivity​​.

Why This Deal is Attractive

This new deal is part of Verizon’s strategy to add more value to its unlimited plans by integrating popular streaming services. The addition of YouTube Premium at a discounted rate is likely to appeal to a broad audience, especially those who are heavy users of YouTube for entertainment, music, and educational content.

Other Perks from Verizon

Verizon has been actively enhancing its service offerings. Recently, they introduced other attractive bundles, including a combined Netflix and Max (with ads) package for just $10 per month. These bundles are available as part of Verizon’s myPlan perks, allowing customers to tailor their plans with add-ons that suit their preferences​​.

How to Sign Up

Existing Verizon customers can sign up for these offers by logging into their My Verizon account and navigating to the +play section. From there, they can manage their subscriptions and add the YouTube Premium option to their plan. New customers will need to choose an eligible unlimited plan to access these benefits.

Verizon’s new $10 monthly YouTube Premium subscription is a compelling offer for its customers, providing significant savings and enhanced streaming benefits. As streaming services continue to grow in popularity, deals like this not only attract new customers but also enhance the loyalty of existing ones by offering greater value for their subscriptions.


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