7 Countries Accepting UPI Payments from India!!

1. Bhutan: 

In July 2021, NIPL and Bhutan's RMA enabled BHIM UPI QR-based payments in Bhutan, facilitating seamless transactions.

2. Oman:

October 2022 saw the Central Bank of Oman adopt RuPay and UPI, making Indian RuPay cards usable across OmanNet network.

3. Mauritius:

Mauritius introduced UPI for local businesses and RuPay card issuance through MauCAS, enhancing payment flexibility.

4. Sri Lanka:

 Indians can now use UPI for QR code payments in Sri Lanka, simplifying transactions for visitors.

5 Nepal:

UPI support in Nepal allows Indian visitors to make digital payments and send money to India via UPI apps.

6 France:

NIPL's partnership with Lyra brings UPI payments to France, enabling transactions at iconic locations like the Eiffel Tower.

7 UAE: 

UAE's acceptance of UPI services marks a significant milestone in expanding India's digital payment system globally.