GTA 6: From release date to gameplay, here’s everything we know so far!!

Rockstar Games recently announced that the first official trailer for GTA 6 will be released on December 5 and shared an image hinting that the upcoming title might be set in the iconic Vice City, a fictionalised version of Miami.

While details about what’s new are scarce, a user on GTAForums posted somewhere around 90 videos last year that gave us a quick look at how GTA 6 will look. Some leaked assets and in-game clips also give us an idea about parts of the map, gameplay elements and non-playable characters (NPC).

Rockstar Games was quick to issue a statement confirming the leak and corroborated earlier rumours that the upcoming instalment in the GTA franchise will be the first one to have a female protagonist. The leaked gameplay footage also showed that GTA 6 might feature a couple that closely resembles the American criminals Bonnie and Clyde named Lucia and Jason.

However, in a response to the UK Competition and Markets Authority concerning Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard, the tech giant replied that the”highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto VI is expected to be released in 2024.”