Home News WhatsApp Android Users to Enjoy Automatic High-Quality Photo and Video Sharing

WhatsApp Android Users to Enjoy Automatic High-Quality Photo and Video Sharing

WhatsApp Android Users to Enjoy Automatic High-Quality Photo and Video Sharing

WhatsApp has officially introduced a feature that Android users have long awaited: the ability to share media in high quality. This update allows for the sending of HD photos, with plans to extend the capability to HD videos soon, marking a significant upgrade from the app’s previous limitations on image and video resolution.

Previously, WhatsApp compressed images heavily when sent, which often resulted in a notable degradation of quality. This was due to the app’s efforts to minimize data usage and speed up the sending process. However, this approach frequently led to disappointment among users who wanted to share their memories and moments in the best possible quality.

Frustrated with the extra steps needed to share high-resolution photos and videos on WhatsApp for Android? Good news – a convenient new feature is simplifying the process. WhatsApp is introducing a setting that lets you automatically send all your media files in crisp, high-definition (HD) quality, eliminating repetitive quality selections.

The recent update introduces an “HD” button that appears when users are about to send images. Tapping this button enables the sending of images in their original resolution, significantly reducing the compression applied to the photos while still implementing a minimal level to manage file sizes reasonably. This update has been a response to user feedback requesting improved media quality, similar to what is offered by other messaging platforms like iMessage.

Meta-owned WhatsApp has steadily enhanced its media sharing capabilities. In August 2023, the platform rolled out the ability to send photos and videos in their original, high-resolution quality. Initially, users needed to manually select the “HD” option each time they shared media. However, this added step was a bit tedious, especially for those desiring consistently high-quality visuals.

The latest updates to the WhatsApp beta for Android (version are set to streamline media sharing. Within the “Storage and data” menu of your settings, you’ll soon find a dedicated “Media upload quality” option. Here, you can choose whether to default all media uploads to “Standard quality” (which WhatsApp compresses) or “HD quality” for optimal clarity. Don’t worry, WhatsApp retains the option to modify the quality of specific media files during the preview stage, in case you need to quickly share a smaller file to save data.

This new feature offers a significant quality-of-life improvement. For photographers, videographers, or those who simply want the best possible media exchange, automatic HD sharing ensures every photo and video you send looks its best without extra clicks.

Keep in mind this feature is currently in beta testing, meaning it may take some time to roll out to all Android users. If you’re eager to try automatic HD sharing, consider enrolling in the WhatsApp beta program for early access.



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