WhatsApp Beta Adds Chat Lock for Companion Devices and Private Mentions for Stories

WhatsApp Beta Adds Chat Lock for Companion Devices and Private Mentions for Stories
WhatsApp beta introduces Chat Lock for companion devices and private mentions for stories, enhancing user privacy and security across multiple devices.

In a significant update, WhatsApp is enhancing user privacy and security by introducing the Chat Lock feature for companion devices and the capability for private mentions in stories. This move is aimed at providing users with more control over their messaging experience, ensuring that their conversations remain private and secure across multiple devices.

WhatsApp’s Chat Lock feature, originally rolled out for individual chats, allows users to secure their conversations behind a password or biometric authentication such as a fingerprint or facial recognition. Once a chat is locked, it is moved out of the inbox to a separate folder, accessible only by verifying the user’s identity. This feature not only secures the chat within the app but also hides its notifications, ensuring that the content of the messages remains private​ .

The introduction of Chat Lock for companion devices is a further extension of WhatsApp’s commitment to privacy. It acknowledges the evolving user behavior where individuals frequently switch between multiple devices, such as smartphones, tablets, or laptops, to access their messages. With this update, locked chats on the primary device will automatically apply the same level of security across all linked devices. This ensures a seamless and secure experience, irrespective of the device used to access WhatsApp​.

Additionally, WhatsApp is exploring the introduction of a secret code feature for locked chats. This feature would allow users to set a custom password for accessing their locked conversations, adding an extra layer of security. The secret code can be different from the device’s lock screen password, providing users with the flexibility to choose a unique password for their chats. This development reflects WhatsApp’s ongoing efforts to enhance user privacy and security features, adapting to user needs and feedback​.

As WhatsApp continues to roll out these new features, users are encouraged to update their app to the latest version to take advantage of the enhanced security measures. By doing so, WhatsApp users can enjoy a more private and secure messaging experience, with the peace of mind that their conversations are protected, regardless of the device they use.

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