WhatsApp Introduces Profile Photo Screenshot Blocking Feature for Privacy

WhatsApp Introduces Profile Photo Screenshot Blocking Feature for Enhanced Privacy
Discover how WhatsApp is enhancing privacy with a new feature that blocks screenshotting of profile photos, currently available for beta testers.

WhatsApp is implementing a new privacy measure on its platform to block the ability of users to take screenshots of profile pictures. This feature, currently in beta testing, aims to provide users with greater control over their personal images and prevent unauthorized use.

In a move to bolster privacy for its users, WhatsApp is rolling out a feature that prevents the taking of screenshots of profile pictures. This update is part of a series of privacy enhancements that the platform has been introducing.

Feature Details

WhatsApp’s latest update, currently available to beta testers on version, introduces a significant privacy feature: when a user attempts to take a screenshot of a profile picture, the screen will display a notification indicating that the action cannot be completed due to app restrictions. This is an extension of a previous update that removed the ability to directly download profile photos to curb misuse​​.

Implications for Users

The introduction of this feature is a proactive step towards safeguarding user privacy. It addresses concerns about the easy dissemination of personal images without consent. While the feature will enhance privacy, it’s important to note that determined individuals might still find ways to capture these images using other devices. Therefore, while the update adds a layer of security, it does not provide foolproof protection against privacy violations.


The screenshot blocking feature is in the beta phase for Android users and is expected to be available on other platforms soon. Users who participate in the WhatsApp beta program can access this feature now, while others may need to wait until it is rolled out more broadly in the coming weeks.

WhatsApp continues to focus on enhancing user privacy with its new screenshot blocking feature. By making it harder for users to capture and share profile pictures without consent, WhatsApp is taking a significant step towards fostering a safer communication environment.


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