Home News WhatsApp Now Allows Sending Longer Voice Messages as Status Updates

WhatsApp Now Allows Sending Longer Voice Messages as Status Updates

WhatsApp Now Allows Sending Longer Voice Messages as Status Updates

WhatsApp has recently rolled out a significant update, allowing users to send longer voice messages as status updates. This new feature is part of a broader enhancement aimed at making the status updates more versatile and interactive. Here’s what you need to know about this update.

Key Features of the Update

Voice Status Messages: Users can now record and share voice messages of up to 30 seconds as their status update. This feature caters to those who prefer vocal expression over text, providing a more personal touch to their status updates​.

Private Audience Selector: Recognizing the need for privacy, WhatsApp has introduced a private audience selector. This allows users to choose who can view their status updates, whether it’s their entire contact list, selected contacts, or contacts with exceptions. The last audience selection is saved as the default for future updates​​.

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Status Reactions: Similar to Instagram and Facebook, WhatsApp now enables users to react to status updates with emojis. This feature provides a quick and easy way to engage with friends’ statuses, enhancing the interactive experience​.

Profile Rings for New Updates: To ensure users never miss an update, WhatsApp has added profile rings. These rings appear around the profile pictures of contacts who have shared a new status, making it easier to spot new updates in the chat list and group participant lists​.

Link Previews on Status: When sharing links as status updates, users will now see a visual preview of the link’s content. This feature improves the aesthetic of status updates and gives viewers a better idea of what the link entails before clicking on it​​.

Impact on Users

The addition of voice status messages is expected to be particularly popular among users who frequently use voice messages in their chats. With over 7 billion voice messages sent daily on WhatsApp, extending this functionality to status updates is a logical step. This update not only enhances user engagement but also aligns WhatsApp more closely with other social media platforms under Meta, which have similar features​​.

How to Use the New Features

  1. Recording Voice Status: To record a voice status, navigate to the status tab, tap on the microphone icon, and start recording. You can preview the message before posting it to ensure it conveys the intended message.
  2. Selecting Your Audience: When creating a status, tap on the audience selector icon to choose who can view your update. This setting can be adjusted for each status update, offering flexible privacy controls.
  3. Reacting to Statuses: Swipe up on a status update to access the emoji reactions and select your preferred emoji to quickly respond.

WhatsApp’s latest update brings several new features to the status section, enhancing user interaction and privacy. By allowing longer voice messages as status updates, the platform offers users more ways to express themselves and stay connected with their contacts. These updates are currently rolling out globally and should be available to all users soon.

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