WhatsApp Streamlines Contact Access with New “Favorites” Feature

Discover WhatsApp's upcoming feature that simplifies calling by allowing you to set 'Favorite Contacts' for quick access, enhancing communication efficiency.

WhatsApp, the ubiquitous messaging platform, is making staying in touch with your closest circles even easier. Reports indicate the app is actively developing a new “Favorites” feature designed to prioritize and streamline access to your most frequently contacted individuals and groups.WhatsApp, the globally popular messaging app, is set to enhance its user experience with a new feature aimed at streamlining communication. The upcoming “Favorite Contacts” feature promises to allow users to quickly access their most contacted individuals, making the process of starting a call faster and more intuitive.

How the Favorites Feature Will Work

This upcoming addition promises to enhance WhatsApp’s calls tab. Users will be able to designate specific contacts as “favorites.” These selected contacts will then be prominently displayed at the top of the calls tab, ensuring they’re always just a tap away.Currently, finding a particular contact often involves scrolling through lengthy call logs or searching the entire contacts list. The “Favorites” feature is poised to save users valuable time and effort.

Benefits for Users

The integration of a “Favorites” tab has several user-friendly perks:

  • Enhanced Accessibility: Pinning a select number of contacts directly to the calls tab puts your most important connections front and center.
  • Speed and Efficiency: Say goodbye to the extra taps of searching for frequent contacts. The “Favorites” feature means immediate, convenient access.
  • Customization: WhatsApp users will have full control over which contacts qualify for favorite status, letting them personalize the feature.

Ease of Access and Communication

The “Favorite Contacts” feature will introduce a new functionality where users can select certain contacts as ‘favorites’, which will then appear at the top of the calls tab. This adjustment is part of WhatsApp’s ongoing efforts to simplify its interface and make key features more accessible, especially for users who engage frequently in voice and video calls.

Functionality Details

According to reports, this feature will be available in a new section within WhatsApp settings where users can manage their favorite contacts. Adding a contact to this list will be straightforward, enhancing the app’s usability by eliminating the need to scroll through lengthy contact lists. Once added, these preferred contacts will be easily accessible, allowing for immediate communication right from the calls tab.

Beyond Basic Calling

The feature is expected to extend beyond simple call facilitation. Indications suggest that users might also be able to share updates or statuses specifically with their favorite contacts, thereby creating a more personalized communication experience. This could potentially include dedicated notifications or unique identifiers for these selected contacts, making them stand out in the user’s overall chat list.

Development and Anticipation

Currently, in its beta version on iOS, the feature has shown glimpses of what could be a more customized and streamlined WhatsApp experience. Users are already looking forward to this functionality, which is expected to be rolled out to all users upon successful testing and refinement. The introduction of this feature aligns with WhatsApp’s broader goal of enhancing user interaction and satisfaction.


Reliable sources, such as WABetaInfo, suggest the “Favorites” feature is still in the development phase. While there’s no concrete release date, it’s expected to be rolled out in a future WhatsApp update for both Android and iOS devices.

WhatsApp’s Focus on User Experience

The impending “Favorites” feature exemplifies WhatsApp’s ongoing dedication to refining its user experience. This addition joins a suite of recent enhancements aimed at increasing efficiency and personalization within the app’s interface.WhatsApp continues to evolve, focusing on user-centric innovations. The “Favorite Contacts” feature is anticipated to significantly impact how users interact with the app, making communication quicker and more focused. This development reflects WhatsApp’s commitment to improving connectivity and simplifying digital communication.


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