WhatsApp to Expand Chat Lock Feature Across All Linked Devices

WhatsApp is set to update its 'Chat Lock' feature, extending it to all linked devices for enhanced privacy, ensuring secure chats across multiple platforms.

WhatsApp is on the brink of enhancing user privacy with a significant update that will extend its ‘Chat Lock’ feature to all linked devices. This update, currently visible in the latest Android beta version, is set to synchronize chat locks across multiple platforms, ensuring that once a chat is locked on the primary device, it will automatically be locked on all other linked devices as well.

Android and iOS users have previously enjoyed the privilege of locking chats behind a passcode, Face ID, fingerprint, or a secret code. However, this feature was restricted to the main device only, leaving chats on Web, Windows, and macOS versions exposed. The forthcoming update promises to close this privacy gap by allowing users to secure their chats on all linked devices, including those operating on different systems.

To access the list of locked chats from a linked device, users will be prompted to enter a secret code, adding an extra layer of security to their conversations. This development is especially beneficial for users who frequently switch between devices, as it offers consistent protection against unauthorized access to selected chats.

The ‘Chat Lock’ feature for linked devices is still under development, and while a specific release date has yet to be announced, it is expected to be included in an upcoming update. This initiative by WhatsApp underscores the platform’s ongoing efforts to bolster privacy and security for its users across the globe.

Users interested in activating the chat lock can do so by selecting the desired chat, tapping on more options, and choosing to lock the chat with a fingerprint. Additionally, a unique secret code can be set up for an extra privacy layer, making the Locked Chats folder accessible only through the secret code entered into the search bar.

Additionally, WhatsApp is reportedly working on implementing username support, which, alongside the ‘Chat Lock’ feature, aims to enhance user privacy and convenience further. However, details regarding the release date of this functionality remain under wraps.

This update is a testament to WhatsApp’s ongoing commitment to providing secure and convenient communication options for its users. By ensuring chat locks are synchronized across all devices, WhatsApp aims to offer a consistent and secure messaging environment, regardless of the platform used.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, WhatsApp’s commitment to strengthening user privacy through features like ‘Chat Lock’ for linked devices is a welcomed development. Users can look forward to enjoying an added layer of security and peace of mind when communicating on the platform.


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