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WhatsApp’s New Mobile App Interface: A Guide to the Latest Design Updates on Android and iOS


WhatsApp has recently initiated a significant overhaul of its mobile app interface for both Android and iOS platforms, marking a notable transition in user experience design. This update integrates the principles of Google’s Material Design 3, aiming to enhance functionality while ensuring a more aesthetically pleasing layout.

Key Design Changes in the Latest Update

  1. Simplified Navigation Bar

The bottom navigation bar has been redesigned for clarity and ease of use, moving essential tabs to more accessible locations at the bottom of the screen, similar to iOS standards. This change aims to streamline navigation and improve one-handed usability.

  1. Updated Color Scheme and Iconography

The familiar green color palette of WhatsApp has been adjusted to a lighter shade, and the app’s top bar now appears in white across both the main chat list and individual chats. Iconography within the app has also received an update, with many icons now adopting an ‘outline’ style, replacing their previous ‘solid’ versions.

  1. Enhanced User Interface Elements

The update introduces rounded menus, alerts, and redesigned toggles, which contribute to a more modern and streamlined user interface. These elements are designed to be more visually pleasing and align with the latest trends in mobile app design.

  1. Floating Action Button

A new floating action button has been added, providing quick access to frequent actions like starting a new chat or group. This button is intended to enhance usability by offering a more direct path to common functions.

Understanding Material Design 3 Influence

Material Design 3 emphasizes rounded elements, increased white space, and a streamlined modern aesthetic, all of which are evident in WhatsApp’s latest design update. These principles aim to create a more intuitive and enjoyable user experience by making the app not only functional but also visually appealing.

Benefits for Users

The design overhaul is more than just a visual upgrade; it improves the overall usability of the app. With simplified navigation and intuitive design elements, users can enjoy a more fluid experience that reduces the learning curve for new or occasional users.



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