Wondershare Dr. Fone iOS iPhone Data Recovery Tool Review

Wondershare Dr. Fone iOS is a desktop Windows or Mac application designed to backup and recover data from your iOS device. It works on all generations of iPad and all iPhones going back as far as the 3GS.

The app is designed to recover and back up deleted data, including photos, videos, contacts, notes, and more. In addition, it can also back up your device, which is somewhat useful if you really hate using iTunes and/or iCloud. Hey, some people really do.


This application is extremely versatile. It functions on all generations of iPad and most iPhones, going back to the 3GS. It also works on the 4th and 5th gen iPod Touch. The only slight downside here is that the newer the device, the less information can be retrieved. My speculation is that due to limitations imposed by newer iPhone hardware interfacing with iOS, less data is able to be retrieved.

iPhones going back to the iPhone 4 and iPad devices back to the iPad 2 can retrieve contacts, messages, notes, reminders, call history, calendar data, WhatsApp history, Safari bookmarks, and Facebook Messenger chat logs.

iPhone 4 and 3GS along with the iPad 1 can additionally recover deleted photos, voicemails, voice memos, app photos, videos, and app documents. claim that all options will eventually be recoverable on all devices and that they are working on making it work now, so we’ll have to wait and see if eventually, they catch up.


The interface is super simple and intuitive. The light blue tones are easy on the eyes, and the organization of the different services is really easy to navigate.

The three data recovery options (device, iTunes backup, and iCloud backup) are right on the left side of the window, and the lesser-needed tools of iOS repair, backup, and WhatsApp backup are located under a “More Tools” menu.

There isn’t much in terms of options, but there doesn’t really need to be. There’s a button to contact support up near the upper right side as well, which is nice to see.

Usability and Functionality

The connection is pretty easy. Just plug your iOS device in and it may just work. If not, the software will prompt you to tap through a prompt on your device telling it to trust your PC. Once connected, scanning your device is just a matter of clicking the scan button and letting it go. It took me about 5 minutes to comb through about 30 GB of data on my device.

Once it’s done, you’ll see a list of all the stuff it found, organized by category. From here, it was just a matter of clicking the “Recover to Computer” option to restore all of the files I wanted. It works quickly too. I noticed that on my newer iPad, while it couldn’t recover deleted photo roll photos, it could recover photos sent via Messenger.

The iTunes backup will comb your iTunes backup file and extract any data you want from it in much the same way. That data can then be separated and put onto your iDevice or your PC. You’ll of course have to have a physical backup made through iTunes on your PC already for this to work, though. Most people these days use iCloud, so it may not apply to you.

The one area that was disappointing was the iCloud backup. I signed in, but the app just froze. I closed it and tried again to the same result. So I waited a while and tried again after a reboot of my PC, and still, I couldn’t get it to work. It’s a shame. iCloud backup reading of specific data could be incredibly useful, and I would have liked to try it out, but sadly I couldn’t. Hopefully, it was just my PC.

The WhatsApp backup and restore worked flawlessly with just a couple of clicks. For those who trust that messaging app, it’s nice to have backups since it can be irritating to lose all your chat logs when formatting or migrating devices.

Overall Impression

Dr. Fone iOS iPhone Data Recovery tool is a pretty decent app with some interesting functionality. It sells itself as being able to recover everything you’ve deleted on your device, but it doesn’t really do that. A vast amount of data you’d be interested in recovering, like photos, can only be recovered on older iDevices.

Again, the developers claim they’re working to rectify it and at a price tag of $69.95, I expect all of those things to be recoverable on my devices. If they do ever add the functionality to newer devices, updates of the software will ensure you can use it right away.

The data it does recover is quite helpful, though. Being able to recover accidentally deleted notes, contacts, etc. on an iOS device is no small feat I’m certain. The only thing I’m struggling with is the price tag. For that much money, I want to be able to recover all of it on my iPhone 6.

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