Xiaomi Mi Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

A few months ago, Xiaomi expanded its portfolio into audio accessories and came up with a rectangular Bluetooth wireless speakers, addition to its single driver cylindrical design speaker line-up.

It’s very cheap yet impressive Bluetooth speaker. My initial reaction to this speaker was “now that’s what exactly you call a portable speaker”. The speaker is 25mm thick and lightweight that it gives you no pain while carrying it around even in jeans pockets.

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In terms of design, it impressed me a lot! Incredibly attractive design with a minimalistic approach. It has a rectangular design with aluminium chassis and with a white ABS plastic grill, so it is not entirely made up of aluminium, yet doesn’t affect its looks either.

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Apparently, the speaker has a lesser number of controls. The power button, charging LED and USB port for charging the battery located on the right side.

Although you don’t get a USB cable along with the speaker. But that doesn’t seems to be a big issue to me as most of us has spare ones with us, isn’t it? On the bottom panel, it has rubber inserts to prevent it from damages by sliding or falling off while playing high-beats music.

To switch the speakers on, it requires a long press of around 5 seconds. And as soon as it turned on, I was completely carried away with the performance.

In terms of specs, it features Bluetooth 4.0, MicroUSB port, a power button, and 1,200 mAh battery.

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Pairing Bluetooth is super easy. Pairing mode turns on automatically as soon as you power on the device. All you have to do is turn on the Bluetooth of your device, scan for new devices and select the option once it appears on the list. Once connected with the device, it supports frequency range of up to 10 meters.

The sound quality is impressive for such a compact Bluetooth speaker.

The speaker doesn’t offer control over volume as it comes with no volume rockers. So you will have to control it entirely from your Bluetooth-connected device. Not a bad deal as most of us carry our smartphones with us all the time. Well, one hidden control I could figure out is a short press on power button, which acts as play/pause.

The sound quality is impressive for such a compact Bluetooth speaker. Audio output is reasonably loud enough to fill an entire room and offers a pleasant experience. Even pumping volume at high, the audio showed no signs of distortion. Make sure you do keep it in a safe place as it starts vibrating way too much while playing bass-heavy music.

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Battery: 9 Hours of Optimum Playback

With 1200 mAh Battery, Xiaomi claims 10 hours of music playback time. However, I got around 9 hours of music playback time, which is literally amazing considering design and size of the speaker is. It took me about 2 hours to charge it completely. Fair deal!


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Excellent premium build quality
  • Good battery life
  • Value for Money


  • No 3.5mm audio jack
  • Microphone is missing

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Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker Price

Priced at 99 RMB, these Xiaomi speakers are not yet available in India. However, if you order it from China, you will have to pay import duty and shipping charges of around 40-50 RMB. So overall, it will cost you Rs. 1,500 in India.

Well, apart from missing microphone and 3.5mm audio port, it didn’t leave any room for complaint.

Finally, With Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth speaker, you are getting premium material and performance in a complete package, which is good enough for most scenarios. which is good enough for most scenarios.

In my opinion, it is the best portable speaker for the unbeatable price. One should definitely check out this option.

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