Yale Launches Kyra Pro Smartlock

Yale Launches Kyra Pro Smartlock
Discover the Yale Kyra Pro Smartlock: a sleek, secure, and smart locking solution designed for modern homes. Enjoy versatile access, enhanced security, and the convenience of remote monitoring.

Yale, a leading name in smart home solutions, introduced the Kyra Pro Smartlock. This new push-pull smart lock is designed to integrate into homes with its modern design, providing both security and ease of access.

Key Highlights:

  • Designed to fit various door styles with compact dimensions.
  • Offers multiple access options including fingerprint, PIN, and RFID.
  • Features include tracking door activity, remote monitoring, and automatic locking.
  • Equipped with an anti-panic egress feature for emergencies and a built-in alarm for security.
  • Available in Black and Gold, suitable for doors 40mm to 100mm thick.

Modern Design Meets Enhanced Security

The Kyra Pro Smartlock is marked by its sleek design, utilizing premium materials to ensure durability. It is tailored to fit the aesthetics of contemporary homes, with a front body thickness that accommodates dual-door Indian households, minimizing space usage.

Versatile Access and Ease of Use

Yale enhances user experience with the Kyra Pro by offering versatile access methods. The lock supports fingerprint scanning, personalized PIN codes, and RFID key tags, providing seamless entry and exit. The Yale Home app further augments this experience, allowing users to track door activity and remotely monitor their home’s security.

Safety and Security Features

Yale prioritizes safety with the Kyra Pro’s internal unlocking system, which requires a finger application in a specific groove, reducing the risk of accidental unlocking. The lock’s automatic locking feature, coupled with an anti-panic egress function, ensures users can quickly exit in case of emergencies. Additionally, its built-in alarm system serves as a deterrent against break-ins.

Technical Specifications and Availability

The Kyra Pro is engineered with a Mortise lock type and a 60mm backset, making it ideal for a wide range of door thicknesses, from 40mm to 100mm. It operates on Alkaline batteries and comes in two color options: Black and Gold.

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