YCOM Gadgets Unveils New Smart Device Range in India

YCOM Gadgets Unveils New Smart Device Range in India

YCOM Gadgets has introduced a new lineup of smartwatches, neckbands, earpods, and more to the Indian market, aiming to cater to the preferences of the youthful demographic. The launch includes a variety of affordable and technologically advanced gadgets, alongside a refreshed brand logo designed to appeal to aspirational Indian youth. The products, endorsed by actor Vijay Varma, are available on major online platforms like Flipkart and Amazon.

Key Highlights:

  • Launch of a wide range of smart gadgets including smartwatches, neckbands, chargers, speakers, and earpods.
  • Introduction of affordable audio products priced between INR 349 to INR 2,500.
  • Endorsement by OTT actor Vijay Varma in the #ApniSuno campaign.
  • Availability of products on Flipkart and Amazon.
  • Refreshed brand logo to connect with the Indian youth.

YCOM Gadgets Unveils New Smart Device Range in India

YCOM Gadgets, a prominent mobile accessories brand since 2011, has recently announced its latest collection of smart devices. This range includes smartwatches, neckbands, chargers, speakers, and earpods, aimed at meeting the diverse needs of smartphone users. The launch is part of the brand’s #ApniSuno campaign, featuring Vijay Varma, and is aligned with the brand’s philosophy of catering to the young Indian market with technologically advanced yet affordable gadgets.

Nikhil Jagdish Patel, the founder of YCOM, highlighted the significant potential of the Indian market due to its large young population and growing demand for innovative, affordable gadgets. He expressed optimism about the brand’s new offerings and their alignment with consumer expectations in India. Rithish Parthasarathy, Head of Marketing at YCOM, emphasized the strategic importance of the product range’s design, technology, and pricing in appealing to young consumers across various interests, including gaming and content consumption.

The brand’s expansion and introduction of a new logo are part of its efforts to deepen its connection with Indian youth, encouraging them to embrace their individuality through a selection of gadgets that resonate with their lifestyles. YCOM’s strategy involves a multi-channel sales approach to strengthen its presence in the competitive Indian gadgets market, with a particular focus on expanding its footprint across the country.

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