Yethi Consulting Introduces Tenjin 4.0 for Enhanced Testing in Banking and Financial Services

Yethi Consulting Introduces Tenjin 4.0 for Enhanced Testing in Banking and Financial Services
Discover how Yethi Consulting's Tenjin 4.0 leverages AI for efficient testing in banking and financial services, offering advanced features for seamless test automation.

Yethi Consulting, a leader in software quality assurance and testing, has unveiled Tenjin 4.0. This latest iteration of their test automation platform integrates advanced artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, offering a comprehensive solution for managing, planning, designing, and executing tests for complex enterprise applications.

Key Highlights:

  • Integrated Test Management: Streamlines the entire testing lifecycle within a unified platform.
  • AI-Assisted Test Design: Utilizes AI for creating test cases from natural language, improving efficiency.
  • Tracking and Reporting: Offers enhanced visibility into testing efforts with detailed tracking and reporting.
  • ML-Driven Execution Optimization: Plans parallel test execution for improved efficiency and reduced time.
  • Automated Testing Across Multiple Platforms: Supports web, mobile, API, and database testing.
  • ISO 20022 Specialized Capabilities: Facilitates seamless transition and interoperability for SWIFT and Fedwire networks.

“Tenjin is dedicated to advancing test automation technology,” stated Srirang Srikantha, CEO of Yethi. He emphasized the platform’s role in accelerating testing efforts while ensuring quality and efficiency.

Tenjin 4.0 boasts a comprehensive library of over 1.2 million test cases, covering 350 applications across more than 40 financial systems, thereby eliminating the need for regular updates and maintenance of test scripts.

R Narasimhan, Chairman of Yethi, highlighted the significance of Tenjin 4.0 as a milestone in test automation. He noted its user-friendly interface, scalability, and AI capabilities, predicting it will significantly impact application reliability testing.

The platform caters to large QA teams through a cloud-native version, TenjinOnline, designed for federated teams to expedite development cycles and testing processes. Additionally, Tenjin SaaS optimizes test coverage and execution in real-time across multiple teams, ensuring swift execution and enhanced application reliability.

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